The Glue that Keeps Our International Tennis Athletics Competing

Loving the game of Tennis and understanding the sport as a competitor is a perfect professional fit. I was invited as a Board Certified Massage Therapist to travel to Umag Croatia to work with our Senior USA tennis teams in September.

The venue was named the International Tennis Federation World Super -Senior Team Championships.

The championships is the largest and most important competition of tennis seniors over 65 to 80 plus years in the world. There were 107 teams representing 26 different countries.

I was introduced to both men and women players from our USA Teams, letting them know I was available pre and post event for Kenesio taping, active isolated stretching, spot massage treatment and full body treatment.

As veteran senior athletics they knew the value of massage for maintaining-their competitive edge.

I’m always amazed at untypical 80’s women and they continue to give me inspiration. One of the team of four has been doing yoga for thirty years and loves to show off her stretching routine doing the splits. Another puts her kinesiology tape on her knees and runs for shots with little effort.

Every day at four I had an appointment with Dave, a 65 USA team player from Dallas He was playing  number 1 singles . The surface was red clay which is easier on the body but a slower surface to play on. As a result his legs were fatigued, hamstrings tight and his low back was talking to him The massage focus was bring about an awareness and facilitate more  blood-flow while decreasing tension in those tight muscles  .After a 1 1/2 hour treatment my goals were achieved and he was ready to go back on the courts the next day.

Our USA teams did well.  The US 80’s Men and Woman and  75 men and woman came in first place, Our 65 men and woman came in 3rd place My experience was professionally rich.

Never stop moving! Life is Motion!  I’m always proud to represent our country.

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What’s Cupping?

I am thrilled that the Olympics have sparked a curiosity regarding the art of cupping.  Cupping was developed thousands of years ago by the Romans, and the first cups were made from the horns of animals. Today cupping tools have been modernized but the philosophy remains the same.

In modern practice, Cupping involves placing various size plastic or glass cups on the tissue treatment site.  A vacuum is created in the cup by a tool, lifting the tissue. As a Massage therapist the placement of cups on the tissue lasts 1 to 3 minutes. I think of cupping as the inverse of massage because it lifts the soft tissues. I have been using Massage cupping for many years and incorporate it during my treatments  with excellent results.  The benefits my patient’s notice includes less pain and improved range of motion.

Massage cupping glides on fascia lifting the restricted tissue which increases blood flow.  As the tissue is lifted some techniques include “parking” the cup, vibration, rotation and gliding. The use of suction is invaluable for restricted soft tissue and fascia.  Olympic athletes have seen the benefit, so why shouldn’t you? Curious?  Ready to try Massage Cupping? Please call our office @ 508-655-9008 and schedule an appointment.

FYI- I will not be in the office from September  9 -20 where I will be the providing massage therapy and cupping to the USA Senior Tennis Team (ages 65-85) at the Federation Cup in Umog, Croatia.

Bernadette Lehmann

Board Certified Licensed Massage Therapist

Have You Been Cupped?

Massage Cupping is a type of therapy that uses glass or plastic cups and a vacuum pistol to create suction on the body’s surface being treated. Massage oil or cream is used to bond the suction and create a smooth glide on skin. This technique is used to lift and stretch soft tissue. It promotes healing by loosening connective tissue, adhesions and scaring. This technique also improves circulation to the treated area.

There is a difference between Massage Cupping and Traditional Chinese cupping.  In Massage cupping, the cups are placed on the treatment area for 1-3 minutes. Types of techniques used are gliding of the cup along muscle fibers. This mimics effleurage.  Scooping which mimics cross fiber frictioning, Shaking the cup and twisting the cup, effective for scars and deep tissue release.This treatment is used to facilitate soft tissue release.

In traditional Chinese cupping, cups are placed on the skin and left for a period of time up to 15 minutes; cups may be moved over the area being treated.  In Chinese Cupping the goal is to move stagnation of blood, dispense internal heat and other applications based on Chinese Medicine Diagnostics. Traditional cupping has been used by many cultures dating back to 28 A.D.

I have had great results with massage cupping and use it as another tool in my private massage practice.  I find cupping works well on IT bands, scar tissue and improves range of motion.

If you have never had cupping performed as part of your massage, give me a call. You don’t know what you have been missing!

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