Back and Neck Pain

Testimonials for Dr Bradley Weiss

Dr. Weiss is a miracle worker! My shoulders, neck and upper back area were so sore and tense I could hardly move. After my first adjustment I felt an immediate release of tension. The difference was remarkable – my pain was at least half gone. By the second appointment I had movement regained and almost no pain. By the third adjustment I had no pain, and no tingling in my hands and toes. By the second week I had no pain in my neck, back or shoulder. My arms don’t hurt, tingle or fall asleep. He is fabulous. I can’t believe how quickly he has helped me recover. I absolutely recommend him to anyone having back/neck pain or limited motion.

– Janet Sharp, Weston

As one who wants to visit the doctor’s office as rarely as possible, I am interested in learning better ways of keeping my body in alignment. Hence, I feel in good hands when working with Dr. Weiss. When being examined, I’m made aware of what portions of my structure are aggravated, what therapy is doing to correct it and what preventative measures I can take on my own behalf. I’m intrigued with the depth of knowledge available to me and the encouragement that comes along with it. Dr. Weiss is true to his energetic character as he is efficient, thorough and comprehensive in his examinations of me. At first I was wary feeling like I was being rushed or part of a whirlwind examination. But as I found out it was not the case at all but a quick and thorough read of my body’s indicators and the appropriate administrations in an efficient manner. My neck thanks him, my hips thank him, by back thanks him, and my wife thanks him.

– Lawrence Lewis, Framingham

I started chiropractic care because of a back problem that I had. I have also had allergy-related asthma for many years. This has caused me to spend most of my spring and summer days indoor. In order to breathe normally, I had to be in an air-conditioned environment. Since Dr. Weiss has taken over my care, I have noticed a tremendous improvement in both my back and breathing. I can now enjoy yard work, boating, and other outside activities. My husband, being the man that he is, spent his time with me, but I felt that he was missing out on so much. I only see Dr. Weiss once a month, but your expert care has made all the difference. You have a great staff that makes our visits very enjoyable. My husband is also a patient, so we thank you all for taking such good care of us. I have, and would recommend Dr. Weiss to anyone that is in need of chiropractic care.

– Elodie (Dee Dee) Maillet, Framingham

I can’t thank you enough for the transformation you’ve made in my life. I came limping into your office about three weeks ago, in constant pain, and in need of pain killers day and night. Your quick and aggressive action in that short time has brought me from stiffness and pain to comfort and mobility. No longer do I need Ibuprofen or fioricet

I feel so fortunate to be treated by you. You are exceptionally skilled and extremely well trained in your profession. I know I’m in the hands of an expert.

I think what sets you apart from everyone else I’ve met in the medical profession is not only your expertise in the workings of the skeletal and muscular systems, but how intently and aggressively you focus on solving my problem. You attack problem areas with creative and effective solutions. Most importantly, your intent is not to simply treat us, but rather to teach us how to maintain well being and prevent re-occurrence. People ask me why in the world I would drive 100 miles round trip for an appointment with a Chiropractor. The answer is simple, you’re absolutely the best!

Mary Ellen Clisham, Kingston

Several weeks ago I hurt my back (again) doing something I know I should not do. It was two days before I could get into Dr. Weiss’ office because of the pain. When I arrived, Dr. Weiss did something that is rare in medical practice today. He listened to me first before he acted.

At this first visit it was very difficult for me to get up to his office. After 10 minutes of chiropractic manipulation, I was able to walk with very little pain. On subsequent visits we worked together to eliminate the pain completely and restore full function.

I have been very pleased with the array of therapies Dr. Weiss has used to restore my health. I am very pleased to say that I can now work in my garden again.

Robert Bober, Framingham

During this past winter, I suffered a couple of bad falls on ice. Being lazy, I decided not to do anything about it and hoped that the pain would subside on its own. This was a bad idea. The pain became so unbearable that I finally had to do something about it, which prompted me to open the phone book and find a chiropractor who was close to my office and convenient enough to take me during my lunch hour.

After “shopping around” for a suitable chiropractor with friendly staff and a personable demeanor, I chose Dr. Weiss. After a thorough exam, we went over my X-Rays and decided upon a schedule for treatment, which started the next day. Dr. Weiss even found an injury to my spine I did not know I had.

Prior to the start of my treatment, Dr. Weiss explained all of the steps he was going to take to get me back on the road to recovery and pain free. After my first visit, I immediately started to feel results. I almost forgot what it was like to not have to favor my lower back. As I continued to visit Dr. Weiss, the pain became less evident and seemed to disappear.

Over the course of two and a half months, Dr. Weiss and I met regularly and advanced my strength through mobility exercises, balance boards, traction rollers, muscle stimulation with Carisoprodol online, exercise balls and chiropractic adjustments. By sticking to our agreed upon schedule, I am pain free, have regained almost 100% mobility and have never felt this good.

Dr. Weiss told me what he was going to do and he did it. He healed me and I cannot say enough about him, his staff and the way chiropractic health care has changed my life.

– Brian Diercksen, Middlesex Savings Bank, Natick

Dr. Weiss has helped me with chronic back pain. I am pleased with the results.

– Damian Farley, Natick

I have been seeing chiropractors since I was a child ,35 years. Difficult to believe, but at the time there were very few chiropractors in Massachusetts, my parents would drive me to New Hampshire! As a massage therapist who worked with a chiropractic practice for fifteen years, I believe strongly that muscle work is necessary in conjunction with a good adjustment for optimal chiropractic results. Dr. Weiss’s method of Active Release Techniques (ART) combined with chiropractic adjustment is the most helpful of any chiropractic technique I have ever experienced, and I have experienced many! At times I neglect chiropractic care for months, come into Dr. Weiss’s office feeling stiff, painful, stuck, in really big trouble, as though no modality and no person can help me this time and I will have to live with horrible discomfort, twisted like a pretzel forever. Within a few hours of being adjusted it seems a miracle has occurred, the pain is relieved , flexibility and sanity restored.

Thank you Dr. Weiss!

– Susan Reich, Natick

As a physical educator & coach with an appreciation for being healthy, I can say Dr. Weiss has been primary in controlling a chronic back problem. With aggressive and positive procedures, insightful suggestions to improve posture, and core strengthening exercises, he has helped me lead a more productive and pain-free lifestyle.

– Bill Snow, Framingham

WOW! Dr. Weiss is wonderful! After suffering 5 months with a leg injury, which traditional medicine was unable to cure, I was referred to Dr. Weiss by my daughter who had been pleased and impressed with his treatment. After the first visit I had immediate improvement. With several successive visits I am now completely cured.

Dr. Weiss combines traditional chiropractic adjustments with Active Release Technique (ART) for an extensive, well-rounded approach. Dr. Weiss is highly professional. He is warm, friendly, caring and supportive. He uses a clinical approach to diagnosing the problem and spends an adequate amount of time with the patient. He adheres to his schedule and is punctual – I have never been kept waiting much past my appointment time.

I am happy to say that I am now pain free, and back to my normal schedule- walking 2 miles a day, alternating with strength exercises and stretching. I highly recommend Dr. Weiss to anyone who desires a higher degree of wellness.

– Marlene N. Bober, Framingham

When I came to see Dr. Weiss I had been having difficulty walking. I was having pain in my low back, right leg, foot, hip and groin. I was experiencing a great deal of numbness in my right foot. I am a yoga teacher and I was also having pain after practicing yoga and I could barely walk. This did not make sense to me. I felt that I was strong and in fairly good shape, but I could not eliminate this pain despite being under chiropractic care a good many years. I was seeing my chiropractor one to three times per week.

A fellow yoga teacher referred me to Dr. Weiss and my first thought was, how could this be different? I had never experienced having the Active Release Techniques (ART) treatments and I can assure you that this work is not only different, but truly amazing. The first thing that struck me about Dr. Weiss was his enthusiasm for the work that he does. His confidence in his ability to help me gave me the much needed confidence to continue with the treatment. I felt that he had a strong intention to help me to become pain free and he has never given up. With great joy, I can report that I no longer experience the numbnessin my foot, the low back pain is gone and I am walking an hour per day and practicing yoga everyday. The tightness in the calf, hip and groin is becoming less intense as our work continues. I am overwhelming with gratitude for the progress that I have made in three months.

Thank you Dr.Weiss for being the wonderful chiropractor that you are and for providing such high quality treatments for your patients. Also I want to express gratitude to Dr. Weiss’s staff who have always made me feel welcome. They are true professionals and they work together as a great team.

– Jessica L. Thomson, Natick

I’ve had 10 back surgeries and was hesitant to see Dr. Weiss because of the extensive history of my back. I found out that Dr. Weiss studied a technique called ART (Active Release Techniques) so I thought I would try it, not only did it help my back but it has also helped my shoulder problem that had lingered on for a year or so. I was not able to lift my arm above my head and now, not only can I lift my arm but also I’m able to workout again. Thank you Dr. Weiss. Boy, am I glad that I gave you a chance. You are a true professional and a genuine human being, who really case about your patients. We need more like you. I will refer anyone I know to you. Thanks again!

– Frank S. Marlborough, MA

I am writing to thank you for helping me deal with my back problems over the past year – you have helped me tremendously! I was referred to you in September 2005 by a friend and have been a patient of yours for the past 12 months. As you are aware, I have had a “bad back” for the past ten years and have been to numerous back specialists to find an answer. I was told by the physicians that I have degenerative disks and arthritis and the best solution for relief was to strengthen and stretch my back and mid section. I must admit, I did find some relief from a daily regime of stretching and strengthening, however, I would still “throw out” my back from time to time.

More importantly, I was unable to play golf as frequently as I wanted and would often have to spread out the rounds over a period of time (days to weeks) to give my back a chance to recover. I must admit that during the first month of treatment, I was still very skeptical that your treatment would help. However, I began to notice a significant improvement after the first 2-3 months of treatment and found that after a round of golf, my back felt much better than it had before. As we continued with treatment, I have seen more and more improvement to the point that I can play golf every day now. If I want to go to the range and hit 100 golf balls – I can and do. If I want to go on a golf trip and play 36 holes a day for 3 straight days – I can and have. If I want to walk the course and carry my own golf bag – I can and do.

The combination of ART and chiropractic have worked fantastically for me and I would highly recommend this treatment to anyone suffering from the same issues that I was dealing with. After 12 months of treatment, I can honestly say that my back is feeling the best it has in the past ten years. Thanks again for all of your help.

– Dean Caso, Sudbury