Dr. Bradley Weiss

Bradley Weiss ChiropractorEver since idolizing his childhood pediatrician, Dr. Brad Weiss always envisioned himself as a doctor helping others feel better. He was first introduced to chiropractic health care at age eight.

As an active kid and athlete Dr. Weiss used chiropractic care growing up to stay healthy and recover quickly from injuries.

Dr. Weiss chose to become a chiropractor and began his solo practice in Williston, Vermont in 1984. He committed himself to helping his patients obtain optimum health, while defending their right to access chiropractic as a health care choice. He rose up the ranks of the Vermont Chiropractic Association, being President from 1995 until 1999. He was named Vermont Chiropractor of the Year in 1997. As his practice and reputation grew, Dr. Weiss continued to expand his treatment skills and became certified in Active Release Techniques (ART).

cutler 5-13In 2002, Dr. Weiss and his family moved to Massachusetts where he took over the leadership of Chiropractic Healthcare in Natick. The practice became energized with Dr. Weiss’ enthusiasm and grew as he attracted a patient base of active families, athletes and fitness professionals.

Performance Health Center is the epiphany of Dr. Weiss’ prior experiences. It is a premier multidisciplinary outpatient facility which meets the health care needs of all those who want to perform better in their lives.

As Performance Health Center continues to expand, it will add to its team of exceptionally compassionate, talented and enthusiastic professionals. Our employees will uphold the high standards established by Dr. Weiss and will be dedicated and committed to relieving pain and optimizing our patient’s health potential using natural, safe, state-of-the art techniques.

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