Ergonomics Workshops

An Ounce of Prevention … can prevent Worker’s Compensation injuries and lost productivity. Healthy employees understanding and using good ergonomics are happy, motivated and productive workers.

Why send your employees to safety workshops OR subject them to hours of boring lectures on ergonomics? Save money and boost response by having short but effective workshops that will MOTIVATE your employees to do the right things.

The key is to demonstrate the short and long-term effects of  bad body mechanics in a fast paced, fun presentation, so that they will want to change the way they use their bodies at work. If you tell an employee that they must bend a certain way, or they should sit a certain way, they will resist. If you educate them about ergonomics and change their behavior and attitudes regarding the short and long-term consequence of bad ergonomic habits, they will be receptive and appreciative of the recommended changes and will willingly change their habits.

Our 3 most popular ergonomics workshops are:

  • Sitting On the Job Workshop, a 30 minute interactive presentation, followed by 1 on 1, ergonomics review of each attendees individual work-stations.
  • Back Safety Workshop,a 20-30 minute interactive presentation that teaches the KEY ergonomics points to protecting the body when lifting and bending.
  • 6 Ways of Maximize Your Health Workshop, a 30-60 minute presentation which demonstrates ways your employees can empower themselves to live a healthier lifestyle

This is what employers and safety officers have said about our exciting ergonomics workshops:

Sitting on the Job

“You gave us practical advice and your fast-paced interactive style made the presentation enjoyable as well as informative…It is unusual and especially beneficial to learn the theoretical aspects of a topic, in this case anatomy and ergonomics in the workplace, and then to receive practical, individual recommendations immediately afterwards.”
– University of Vermont

“Your presentation was a clear and practical guide to taking better care of yourself in the work environment…I know everyone who attended it benefited greatly and I still hear people talking about their chairs and workstations.”
– Shelburne Museum

“I have heard nothing but positive feedback from the employees that were able to attend your stimulating presentation…The employees appreciated the one on one attention you gave to each person to personally adjust their work stations, which has remarkably reduced what was once the ever present neck and back pains.”
– Champlain Management Services (Brueggers Bagels)

“Your presentation provided us with practical advice with a strong emphasis on injury prevention. The interactive pace kept the interest level of the audience high and involved…Especially helpful to our employees were the one-on-one consultation. By spending just a few minutes with each person at their individual workstations, you were able to identify and quickly correct simple ergonomic problems on the spot.”
– Banknorth Group

“All attending Brad’s workshop were very impressed with his skills and knowledge. His presentation skills are excellent. He was quick to incorporate our specific concerns into his lecture and demonstration…The highlight for our folks was the personal attention they received as he visited each work area after the lecture. People immediately adopted the correct practices that were just discussed in the lecture.”
– Gardner’s Supply Company

“I have received nothing but positive feedback. People have commented how much they learned and have found the work site adjustments you made to be concrete improvements…One worker stated it’s the first time in years she’s gone home without a backache.”
– State of Vermont, Agency of Human Services

Back Safety

“Dr. Weiss showed an outside perspective that really helped our people look at their lowering and lifting techniques…It is a very educational, very professional, and very energetic presentation. Also, Dr. Weiss was very accommodating to our work schedule. He came early for our presentation and kept his presentation to the time we had allotted.”
– UPS (United Parcel Service), Williston, VT

“The information was presented in a way that everyone understood how back injuries occur and how to avoid them. This information will be very useful to all of us in our professional and personal day to day activities.”
– New England Air Systems

“The feedback that I received has been phenomenal…We feel that the insight and information you presented will increase awareness and eliminate possible injuries in the future”

“His presentation was well received by our employees. This was due to his professionalism and his method of personalizing the presentation through slides of our employees conducting their daily routines. Since his review BED has seen a significant decrease in back and joint injuries.”
– Burlington Electric Department

“He has conducted on site evaluations of the work environment and provided two excellent classroom presentations on proper exercise and ‘Save a Back’ procedures…We have found his presentation to be informative and extremely helpful.”
– Army Aviation Support Facility, Vermont Army, National Guard