From Lawyers and MD’s

Testimonials for Dr. Bradley Weiss

I am pleased to write this letter of introduction and support for my colleague, Dr. Bradley Weiss, D.C. Dr. Weiss and I worked together in the University of Vermont (UVM), College of Medicine class on Complementary and Alternative Medicine. Dr. Weiss gave excellent presentations and demonstrations of chiropractic health care, and was of great value in teaching the medical students. He brings a professional attitude to his work and is a trusted and appreciated colleague.

Richard White, MD, Assistant Professor
University of Vermont College of Medicine

I have worked with Brad Weiss, DC for the past 10 years referring many patients for chiropractic care. He has provided excellent service and has achieved outstanding results.

– James Evans, MD, Essex Jct, VT

I am a neurologist in the university community in Burlington, VT. I have known and worked with Dr. Bradley J. Weiss for more than 15 years. Dr. Weiss and I have an excellent professional relationship and I have great respect for his professional abilities. You are fortunate to have Dr. Weiss join your medical community.

– Kenneth Ciangoli, MD, neurologist

Dr. Weiss has provided excellent care for our patients, provided high quality chart notes in a timely fashion, and has a clear positive impact in our clinical outcomes? Dr. Weiss has worked with our providers in a complimentary and collegial manner. He is an excellent clinician and of fine moral character.

Dr. William Mercia, MD

Occupational Health + Rehabilitation Inc.

I have found Dr. Weiss to be dedicated both in the teaching of our family practice residents and our attending faculty with whom he interacts. His knowledge and skills in matters of Chiropractic care are both broad and deep.

He has exceptional interpersonal skills, high energy and is incredibly efficient. He will be truly missed by our community.

– Lise Vance, Family Practice Residency Educational Coordinator, UVM

Dr. Weiss is an exceptional provider and for many years has been regarded by other professionals as the best chiropractic physician in the State of Vermont. Over the course of the years many of our personal injury clients have treated with Dr. Weiss and have been greatly helped. From a legal standpoint, there is no better doctor to have for an injured plaintiff than Dr. Weiss. He communicated well with his patients and takes the added time to understand their conditions. We have found that insurance companies frequently will accept a determination by Dr. Weiss when they would not from some other provider. I could not recommend Dr. Weiss any more highly.

– Michael J. Gannon, Esq., Burlington, VT

Two aspects of Dr. Weiss’ practice have been remarkable. Of most importance is the fact that he has been able to apply his training and expertise to bring about pain relief and recovery to every client that I have had who has treated with him. Without fail, Dr. Weiss’ patients (and my clients) have been very pleased and satisfied with his chiropractic intervention.

– Norman R. Blais, Esq., Burlington, VT

Dr. Weiss’ patients always have been very pleased with the care provided at his office. He conducts his practice with the highest degree of professionalism. On medical/legal issues, Dr. Weiss has proven knowledgeable, cooperative and professional. He has been an ethical advocate on behalf of his patients.

– Michael Green, Esq., Burlington, VT

Dr. Weiss’ documentation and explanation of patient needs and treatment are concise, clear and appropriately supportive… His credentials are excellent, and he is a highly respected chiropractic doctor within his community. He spearheaded the effort to have chiropractors credentialed and admitted for staff privileges at our academic medical center for the University of Vermont. At the present time he is one of two chiropractors so credentialed and privileged. I have also known Dr. Weiss and his activities with the Vermont Chiropractic Association, and in particular, was aware of the fact that he was President of the Association for three or four years in the late 1990’s. I write this letter with mixed emotions as I am personally very sorry to see someone of his quality leave the Burlington area. We will miss him as a practitioner and as a citizen.

– Alan Overton, Esq., Essex Jct, VT