Knee Pain

Testimonials for Dr. Bradley Weiss

I’m in pain 24 hours a day and the Tylenol and Vioxx aren’t helping! I’m only 56 and I’m limping around with a cane. No, no, please fix it! We looked at the MRI pictures again and he showed me the tear in the cartilage on my knee. The consult pretty much went like this: yep, the cartilage is torn; nope, I can’t operate because of your age and you have rheumatoid arthritis; now go and get physical therapy until your insurance is exhausted; and have a good life, bye.

Now what? I gave up one of my jobs and devoted my days to PT and exercise to build up my knee muscles. I still limped and dragged my painful leg around with me. Until the day, 6 weeks later, that I limped into Dr. Weiss’ office. He asked me to come back with the MRI pictures. Two days later I was back and after looking at the MRI report he asked, “Do you mind if I try an adjustment?” And that was the day he became my hero! After five months of pain this incredibly talented Doctor fixed my knee with a simple adjustment in 3 seconds!

I walked out hardly believing this was possible! I was carrying the cane in my hand. This is a healing from Heaven above! Thank you Dr. Weiss, my new hero! The accident that had torn the cartilage happened on the day before my first grandchild was born. She’ll be 3 next May and if you should drive by the Murphy Playground and notice a silver-haired Granny running and kicking a soccer ball or sliding down the slide with a toddler on her lap and a grin on her face, that’s me! Thanks again

– Marilyn Frye, Natick

My husband and I were both patients of Dr. Pam Thomas for several years. So when she decided to cut down her hours and bring in Dr. Weiss, I knew I would suffer from separation anxiety. But both my husband and I continued with the good doctor from Vermont, primarily because we knew Pam wouldn’t turn us over to anyone but the best. And she did.

My husband is a building contractor, and not being as spry as he once was, his many on-the-job injuries have come back to haunt him—bad knees, sore elbows, and a temperamental lower back. Dr. Weiss and staff are extremely accommodating, as my husband tends to schedule his appointments at the last minute. Recently, I had to drive my husband from our home in Grafton (a distance we gladly travel knowing the positive results that will follow) because the pain in his knee was so severe he couldn’t drive himself. During the ride, my husband did nothing but moan and grumble about everything. The traffic was too thick; other drivers were inconsiderate; the news on the radio was too depressing; his golf plans would likely have to be cancelled, and on and on. I knew it was really the pain talking, so I bit my tongue. Deep down, however, I was eager to drop him off at Dr. Weiss’s office and wait in the car, if only for a brief reprieve from his bellyaching. When he came out of the office after his treatment, he walked around the parking lot, grinning as he danced on one leg, showing off how great his knee felt. “And he fixed my elbow, too,” my husband declared as he got back in the car, even offering to drive (which I declined; I wasn’t taking any chances). The 30-minute ride home was the antithesis of our ride to Dr. Weiss’s office. Suddenly, the world was a new place. Traffic was just a minor annoyance, other drivers weren’t nearly as inconsiderate as they had been, and an afternoon on the golf course was now something to look forward to. I couldn’t believe I was riding with the same man! I called Dr. Weiss the next day to thank him—not for my husband, but for myself. After all, he saved me from the dreadful fate of having to spend the rest of the day with a very miserable man. And I’ll say it once again—thank you, Dr. Weiss!

– Deb Adcock, N. Grafton