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12/10 The Lazy Person’s Way To Weight Loss…
11/10 Shocker:  Heavy Drinkers Outlive Non-Drinkers? Discover what a new paper in the Journal Alcoholism found that might make you fall off the wagon
10/10 Do You Know These Facts About Drinking Coffee?  •The pros and cons of drinking coffee (before you exercise)
09/10 New Research: Cutting CarbsBetter Than Low-Fat? Study shows this type of woman lost more weight after 3 months on low-carbohydrate diet than traditional low-fat diet with same number of calories. Not all people have the same response to diets.
8/10 Sunscreens May Cause Cancer?  Important facts you should know about sunscreen. Recent research shows common ingredient in sunscreen may INCREASE risk of skin cancer.
7/10Who Else Wants To Add 12 Years To Your Life? A 20 year study reveals 4 “bad habits” that made participants 3 times more likely to die of cancer or heart disease and 4 times more likely to die from other causes!
6/10 What’s Better?Eating 6 Small Meals A Day Or 3 Big Ones?Working Out For 10 Minutes Or 10 Hours? The Real Truth May Shock You! Plus: Why experts think one third of breast cancer cases may be avoidable, 4 things shortening your life, and how to wake up EARLIER!!!
5/10 The Simplest And Easiest Way To Lose Weight Ever?More great stuff in this newsletter: How napping can make you smarter, more proof Omega-3 has BIG health benefits, and DOCTORS WARN: Avoid genetically modified food!!!
4/10 Eye-opening information that can change your child’s life…Shocking Statistics About ChildrenEvery Parent Needs To Know… 
3/10What we know about… Easing Back Pain?More Exercise Or Less?  Weights Or Aerobics?  New Studies Shed Light On These Questions And More…
2/10 Swedish Scientists Discover How To Help Men Live Longer And Healthier Lives?Wait ‘Til WOMEN Hear About This!
1/10 Afraid of H1N1? Is This Plentiful And Inexpensive Berry The Answer To Swine Flu? 
12/09 Harvard University Researchers: Deficiency Of This Nutrient Is Responsible For 72,000-96,000 Preventable Deaths Per Year 
11/09 Is The Secret To Living Longer And Feeling Better Really As Easy As This?What you should start doing RIGHT NOW and NEVER STOP to possibly add years to your life… and more
10/09 Can Chocolate Slash High Blood Pressure?Plus: Sun Beds Elevated to Top Cancer Risk Level by WHO… and more…
09/09 Who’s Healthier: Introverted Or Extroverted Personality Types? How this mind-body connection controls yourchemistry and what you can do about it!
08/09New science discovers how your genetic blueprint was permanently affected… Researchers Create Monkeys With “Glowing” Hands!  Will This Cure Inherited Diseases Like Parkinson’s, MS And More?
07/09 New science discovers how your genetic blueprint was permanently changed…You Are What Your Mother Ate!
06/09 Researchers Discover The Shocking Age When “Old Age” Begins!Plus: The Supplement That’s Helping Weight Loss…
05/09 Does This “Stinking Rose” Possess The Secret To Health?
4/09 Scientists Discover True Love? What It Means For Long-Term Relationships./
3/09 Have Researchers Discovered The Secret Formula To Happiness?Plus: The ONE SIMPLE CHANGE That CouldReduce Obesity In The U.S. By 18%
2/09 When You Go To The Doctor, Do You Get REAL or FAKE Medicine? And Which One Is Better?
1/09 Will You Be Like Superman (Or Superwoman) If You Sleep More And Take Vitamin D?
12/08 Can New Technology Allow Homeland Security To Read Your Mind?
11/08 Fish Oil May Be Better Than Drugs For Preventing Heart Failure. Also in this issue: The stress-breast cancer connection!
10/08 Banned Drugs Found In 10% Of Supplements! Plus: More bad news for cell phone users an what foods have the most pesticides!
09/08 New Study Shows When You Can Eat MORE And Still Lose Weight! And…Can You Really Lose Weight By Drinking Milk?
06/08 Shocking “Pain Medication” Makes 85% Of Subjects Feel Less Pain In New Study… And…What If Happiness Was Predetermined?
05/08 What If You Could Stop Sleeping And Never Feel Tired Again?
04/08 How To Boost Memory In Just 6 Minutes? Does Lack Of Sleep Cause Diabetes? And Does The Earth Really Revolve Around The Sun? This Answer May Shock You…
03/08 New Study Explains How To Keep Hunger In Check
Plus: Important Warning About Caffeine And Miscarriage Risk
02/08 New Studies Show: ADHD Medication Not Effective Long Term And AIDS Vaccine May Increase Risk…
01/08 Do You Ever Wish YouCould Get More Sleep? More Shocking News On The Effectiveness Of Popular Sleep Medications…
12/07 FDA Officials Finally Break Their Silence: These Commonly Used Over-The-Counter Cold Medicines  ARE NOT FOR KIDS…
11/07 Antioxidants… TOO Much of A Good Thing May NOT Be A Good Thing!
10/07 Can Having Obese Friends Make You Fat, Too?
09/07 Do Sunscreens Really Work Or Are They HAZARDOUS TO YOUR HEALTH?
08/07 Heart Surgeons Get Wake-Up Call On Common Procedure, United States DEAD LAST In Healthcare… AGAIN… And…Are Cherries Better Than Aspirin And Other Anti-Inflammatory Drugs?
07/07 If Children’s Television Was Linked To Obesity, Diabetes, Cancer, Autism And Dementia…Would You Let Them Watch?
06/07 Inability To Handle Stress Most Likely Leads To Early Death… Unless…
05/07 Could You Be Taking A Fake Drug For A Fake Illness
4/07 “Increase Brain Power! Two New Studies Show How Common Supplements Can Increase Brain Function And Lower The Risk Of Alzheimer’s Disease”
3/07 ” New Studies Show Sugar Not a Factor in TypeII Diabetes, But There’s a Twist…
2/07 “Who Else Wants To Get Busted By An Undercover Holiday Elf?” Plus: It’s Everywhere And It Can Make You Sick… Or Can it?
1/07 New Studies May Unravel Some of the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Mystery
12/06 Is There Really A Way To BEAT The Common Cold
11/06 Are You Happy? How Emotions Determine Your Health
10/06 Are You Ready For A Weight Loss Vaccine?
9/06 The Simple Secret That DOUBLES Your Chance Of Living For Over 100 Years!!!
8/06 Have Scientists Finally Cracked The Code To Make Things (Including YOU) INVISIBLE?
7/06 Why Do Americans Spend More On Health Care But Are Sicker Than Most Of The World?
6/06 Brand New Study Sparks Weight Loss Controversy…
5/06 Love Is The Drug You’ve Been Looking For…
4/06 Heart Disease And Cancer… Causes And Preventions You May Not Know About!…
3/06 3 Surprising Cavity Fighters That Have Nothing To Do With Brushing, Flossing… Or… Going To The Dentist…
2/06 The Great Low-Carb, Low-Fat Debate Rages On With New Research Fanning The Flames…
1/06 Who Else Wants To Know The “Ultimate Fighters” Back Pain Relief Secret?
12/05 Coffee Healthier Than Vegetables?
11/05 McDonald’s Strikes Back!North Carolina Mother Of Two Eats “McDonald’s Only” Food For 90 Days And Claims To Have Lost 37 Pounds… And She’s Not The Only One…
10/05 In 1971 President Richard Nixon Declared A War On Cancer…
8/05 Diabetes Soars Among Kids and Teens-“America’s Number One Source Of Calories”-And The Conflict Of Interest You Need To Know About!
7/05 Can You Really Prevent The #1 Cause Of Death? With A Smile?
6/05 Important Information You Should Know Before You Go Out In The Warm, Sunny Weather
5/05 Would A Drug Linked To Killing 55,000 People Be Allowed To Stay On The Market?
4/05 Government Releases New Dietary Guidelines For First Time In 25 Years And Why Grapefruit May Be “Yellow Gold” For Weight Loss
3/05 FDA “Whistle Blower” Warns Of Vioxx And 5 Other Dangerous Drugs May Lose His Job For Saving Your Life
2/05 More Shocking News About Vioxx, Celebrex And Your Children
12/04 Popular Arthritis Drug Vioxx Pulled Due To Deadly Side Effects
10/04 Shocking News About High Fiber Diets And Colon Cancer
9/04 Are There Any Safe And Natural Sweeteners That Don’t Harm Your Health Or Make You Fat?
8/04 Last Year Alone, 3,300 Children Age 5-14 Were Treated In Emergercy Rooms For This Back-To-School Related Activity!
7/04 Has Mother Nature Already Given Us The Best Possible Solution For Heart Disease?
6/04 A Fresh New Look At The Whole High Carb – Low Carb Dilemma
4/04 Interesting Facts About Why You Are Shrinking? Right Now?And What You Can Do About It!
3/04 New Study Finds Possible Breast Cancer Link To Antibiotic Use?Are You At Risk?
2/04 Lose Weight By Eating More And Decrease Your Risk Of A Heart Attack
1/04 The Tingling, Numbness, Weakness & Pain Associated With Carpal Tunnel Syndrome May Have Nothing To Do With Your Wrist!
12/03 How Big Insurance Companies Are Winning The Battle Against Car Accident Victims, Leaving Policyholders Disabled, Broke, And In Constant Pain
11/03 Has The REAL Anti-Aging Secret Finally Been Discovered?
10/03 Could There Possibly Be A 108 Year Old Headache Cure Drug Companies Don’t Want You To Know?