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Testimonials for Dr. Bradley Weiss

We’re all familiar with the Olde English nursery rhyme about Humpty Dumpty:

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.
All the king’s horses and all the king’s men
Couldn’t put Humpty together again.


As a long-time golf coach at a local high school, I often think of Old Humpty. Every year I see lithe teenagers twist and torque their bodies into beautiful golf swings and I get a year older. Age brings chronic problems with alignment, disks, knees, etc. Dr. Weiss and his staff are much better than the king’s horses and the king’s men for they have been able to “put me back together again” on several occasions. His use of the Active Release Technique has kept me in the game, although I can’t always play with those teenagers. Yet, I sometimes beat them with experience, wisdom, and guile, overcoming their youthful grace and talent.

More importantly, I’ve been able to leave a pain-free life for the past six years, despite my obsession for golf and other sports. Dr. Weiss’s passion for his profession and his skill as a practitioner have enhanced the quality of both my life and my golf game. Whenever I walk into his office Caitlin and Mary greet me with warm smiles and I feel comfortably at home. Dr Weiss always asks what my latest issues are and listens carefully before he solves the problem. He suggests exercises and sensible approaches that work, and I leave each visit with a renewed sense of self.

On a recent visit Dr. Weiss told me, “It’s a pleasure to put you back together again.” Somewhere I’m sure that Humpty Dumpty broke into a broad grin. I know I did.

– Joe McCoy

A Running & Snowshoeing Legend…
patient Richard Busa
My name is Richard Busa, I am a 78 year old from Marlboro. My history briefly, in the spring of 1956, I was hitting a bucket of balls at a driving range, next morning, home alone, I could barely get myself out of bed. I managed to call a cab and got myself to Lahey Clinic. After x-rays and an examination I was diagnosed with a worn fifth lumbar disc. I was put on a physical therapy program and after that given a series of exercises which I was to perform every day.

Over time, I had relapses and went to, I don’t know how many, chiropractors and orthopedic doctors. All the doctors did was x-rays and pills.

As I’ve been a runner since 1945, I refused to give it up and continued running. For whatever reason, I was able to run but paid the price for a couple of days after. What was an unconscious act for most persons, namely putting on one’s pants and socks, was an effort for me. Trying to lift an object out of the trunk of a car left me unable to straighten up immediately.In January of 2007, the start of the snowshoe racing series, I thought my racing days were over. Then, my friend, Arnie Pollinger, the president of the Greater Framingham Running Club, told me about Dr. Weiss. On February 7th I went for my first appointment. I had taken x-rays for him to evaluate and the diagnosis was that I had a, as Dr. Weiss calls it, rust. I began going three times a week and to my amazement, by the end of the second week I was feeling much better, I had more mobility. I continued to do my snowshoe races and qualified for the national championship race in Minneapolis, MN., where I won the gold medal for my age category. I just couldn’t believe it, just a month previous I thought my competitive days were over.

I did have a bit of a relapse in the spring but it was caused by trying to race with plantar fasciitis which put a strain on my lower back. Dr. Weiss worked on that also and fortunately, I was only out of commission for a month. I am now down to a maintenance program where I go once a month.

Dr. Weiss is not a miracle worker but in my case, knowing where I was at in January 2007 and what I’ve accomplished since makes him a miracle worker in my book. And he brought me back without pills or any other aid, just his two gifted hands. I know I have damage that has occurred over a number of years and that eventually I’ll have to be a spectator. But, right now I’m pretty high because I just got back from Ogden, UT. where I competed in the US national snowshoe championship race and won the gold again!

Thanks, Dr. Weiss

– Richard Busa

I have been in the Health and Fitness industry for over 20 years and I’ve worked with Physicians; Physical Therapists; Athletic Trainers; Personal Trainers; Massage Therapists; and Chiropractors, and Dr. Weiss ranks at the top of the list when it comes to providing health care.

I suffered a fractured 5th lumbar vertebrae from a fall on ice at age 10, and I’ve had ongoing back problems ever since. Despite the back injury, I have been involved in athletics my whole life, including 4 years of college lacrosse and several years of competing at the elite level in triathlons, but not without significant pain. Believe me, over the past 20+ years I have seen many different Orthopedic Surgeons, a Neurosurgeon, a few Physical Therapists, and I even tried Acupuncture. All of these professionals were able to help me to a degree, but none better than Dr. Bradley Weiss.

I was impressed with my initial visit to Dr. Weiss; he was very meticulous and thorough. It was also evident from the start that Dr. Weiss is a very enthusiastic, intelligent, passionate and caring person. Dr. Weiss looks at the body as a whole, and he has an uncanny ability to relieve pain in one part of your body by working on another.

I would also like to add that Dr. Weiss’ staff is also at the top of the list! Thank you to the entire Team!

– Thomas C. Ball, M.S.Exercise Physiologist, USAT Certified Coach

Thanks to Dr Weiss, ART & Chiropractic, I am 95% pain free, have started running again and was able to complete a full Olympic distance Triathlon in August!

I began seeing Dr. Weiss in May ’05. I am a triathlete and had been dealing with heel pain off and on for over 7 years. For the past two years I had stopped running altogether, focusing on my swim and bike and racing as a relay participant. Over the seven year period I had been relentless in my pursuit of healing. I had tried all forms of alternative and traditional treatments, often traveling long distances.

I had recently met with a Podiatrist who diagnosed the pain as Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome, a nerve entrapment in the ankle. I felt such relief because I had finally received a diagnosis that made sense to me. However, the doctor believed the only real solution was surgery! I was very reluctant and decided I needed to explore more options.

I had some experience with Active Release Techniques (ART) a few years back and wondered if it might help given a more specific diagnosis of Tarsal Tunnel. Needless to say, I found Dr Weiss who assured me he had success treating other athletes with Tarsal Tunnel.

I decided it was worth trying. Initially I went three times a week, then two and now I see him every three weeks. The treatments are quick and very thorough. On several occasions, I have brought my running gear so Dr Weiss can do a gait analysis.

The combination of ART & Chiropractic has been instrumental in my healing. I always appreciate Dr Weiss’s upbeat and positive energy. He clearly has a passion for helping people achieve wellness and health. Thanks Dr Weiss!

– Jeanne Mahon, Stow

I am a beginning tri-athlete and found out early on that training can bring about some pretty glaring biomechanical inefficiencies. When one begins to increase the body “workload” there is a good chance that there will be a “breakdown” somewhere.

If one wishes to continue training then it is important to address these areas and move on. I, for one, have found the addition of chiropractic healthcare very beneficial in my training program.
I was drawn to Dr. Bradley Weiss’ Chiropractic Healthcare office in Natick through the Active Release Techniques (or ART) website. I had some ITB issues with my knee and hip that just wouldn’t go away. The ART website listed Dr. Weiss as an ART provider and I thought I would give it a try.

I found his office both very open in their treatment of athletes and very friendly in their approach to getting the appointments I needed. Dr. Weiss’ philosophy is to listen to your unique needs and get you back training, which is the most important part.

After only about 12 visits Dr. Weiss has me feeling much better and I have learned a lot along the way. I am back running and cycling and my general flexibility and movements have changed dramatically.

– Peter Dellabella, Natick

During the summer of 2002 I decided to leave my sedentary life behind and start running. A year later of exercising regularly, I was another person. My mood improved significantly as well as my figure and I had more energy and self-esteem. By then, I was also doing weights, tennis, biking, hiking, and even workouts with a group of friends at a running track.

Everything was going so well and I couldn’t be happier. But everything came to an end in one night. I was at a bar having a good time when a kidney stone started its painful journey to the outside world. Four hours later I was at the ER in severe pain. It took me three days and another visit to the ER to pass a 3mm stone. As a result, I injured my pelvic muscles as they were “pushing” the stone out and that caused me significant back pain.

In just one week, I went from a very active life to not being able to carry a backpack to school or sit on a couch. After months of physiotherapy, I was still far from been able to go for a 20-minute run. I was depressed and desperate for a good run.
At that point, during the holidays, I visited a massage and ART certified therapist who treats top athletes in Canada. In five minutes, just by touching my muscles, she was able to diagnose the source of my problem better than anyone did before, including my doctor and physiotherapist. That first session was a miracle, although I have to confess it hurt because my muscles were very tight. But when I walked out I felt she had removed chains from my body. I couldn’t believe it! I knew I just needed few more sessions to be able to go at least for a short run compared to months I needed with physiotherapy. When I came back home from the holidays, I wanted to continue ART treatment and found the closest ART provider. Unfortunately, the closest was Dr. Weiss, one hour and 40 minutes driving distance away. But after my incredible experience in Canada, I knew that the driving back and forth would pay off greatly and so, I decided to go. To my surprise, the ART provider I found was also a chiropractor. “A chiro what?” I said to myself. I had no idea what that was until I saw a video in Dr. Weiss’ clinic started to learn what it was about. A whole new world opened to me at that moment. Within two weeks of treatment with Dr. Weiss, I was able to go for short runs again. And now, after three months of treatment and lots of driving, I am back on track training six days a week and in better shape than ever before. I am very grateful to Dr. Weiss and the ART technique. I talked to my doctor and physiotherapist back at home about it and they were very curious and impressed with my recovery as well as very thankful to me for informing them about this method. I hope more doctors and health care providers learn more about the wonders of Chiropractic and ART and spread the word!

– Pilar Mendoza, Amherst

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! A happy ending has come to a long year filled with injury and discomfort. The marathon was amazing and I managed to beat the goal I set for myself. I ran a 3:19:44 and somehow cut 14 minutes off my best time. The best part is that I really felt great….no pain in my calves!! Thank you so much for helping me feel healthy and reach my goal

– Mary McHugh, South Boston

I had knee surgery in late summer 1998. A long time jogger and weekend sports enthusiast, I resumed a training program in December. I ran too far, too fast and developed severe plantar fascitis in both feet. My feet were so bad that I had to give up jogging. I went to an experienced podiatrist and he prescribed inflexible plastic foot orthotics. My feet became worse. I had to tape my feet daily to help reduce the pain. I went to physical therapy for a few months. The physical therapist was very experienced and knowledgeable. My feet improved slightly. The physical therapist recommended a podiatrist who enjoyed an excellent reputation. The podiatrist made another set of foot orthotics that did help reduce the pain in my feet. The podiatrist also recommended surgery that would ‘release’ the fascia. I was not in favor of surgery that required cutting the bottom of my feet. I did not get the surgery. I eventually resumed playing basketball and soccer, but taped my feet and was careful not to overdo it. After 3 years I also was able to jog on soft turf, as long as I did not run for longer than 20 minutes. At that point I had pretty much accepted that I would never jog on asphalt or participate in any fun runs again. Then a friend told me about Dr. Weiss. When I started getting zings on the top of my left foot, I made an appointment with Dr. Weiss. He took care of the zings on the top of my foot in 3 or 4 visits. I hold him about my plantar fascitis. He started working on the bottom of my feet. Within 6 weeks I was jogging on the road again. It had been over 5 years from when I first developed plantar fascitis. Experience does count. Dr. Weiss knew the technique and the amount of pressure needed to fix my feet. My feet will probably always need regular maintenance. I know exactly who to see for that care and other aliments as well. My 21 year old daughter went to Dr. Weiss for tightness in her neck and shoulders that was causing severe headaches. He fixed her up, too.

– Bill Reardon, Medway

After two spinal fusion surgeries and 25 years of long-distance running, I had minimal flexibility and several compensation issues going on in my hips, back and legs. As a writer who spends long hours on the computer, my neck and shoulders were also extremely tight. My surgeries had left me feeling tentative about running and limited in what I could do. After just a few sessions with Dr. Weiss, my hope had returned and I began to entertain the idea of running a bit more and trying new things. Now, after seeing Dr. Weiss regularly for 6 months, I can honestly say he has changed my life – no more stiffness in my neck and shoulders and greater flexibility, looseness and range of motion when I run. I believe I can do anything now – even run another marathon if I decided to! Running and other exercise doesn’t hurt anymore and working at my computer no longer taxes me the way it used to. Dr. Weiss has superior skill as a chiropractor and incredible compassion and optimism as a person. He is pleasure to work with!

– Maureen O’Grady Condon, Framingham

I am a senior and captain of the Hudson High School Football team. College football has been my dream since I was a little kid. When I pulled my hamstring during track in the spring, many thought I would miss the 1st half of football season. After 3 months of rebuilding the hamstring I re-injured it. I had not seen any major progress and I thought I would miss my whole senior year. After 2 weeks of Active Release Techniques (ART) with Dr. Weiss I was back on the football field. Most importantly I never even missed a practice. Now, I am having the best season of my career and I’m looking into many colleges. I continue to see Dr Weiss on a regular basis to maintain my health. I can not thank Dr. Weiss enough. Without him none of this would be possible. I strongly recommend Dr. Weiss and ART to anyone with a serious muscle injury.

– Scott Duggan, Hudson

From my first visit with Dr. Weiss, I knew that I was in good hands and my muscular ailments would be treated effectively. The issue I had with my calf muscle (due to cycling) is what brought me to Dr. Weiss. While receiving treatments and noticing the calf responding well, I asked him to address some of the other muscular injuries that I had been living with for some time and honestly thought they’d be with me forever.

One of them was an injury I sustained five years ago when I was hit by a car on my bicycle. All of my wounds healed except my wrist which had continued to give me constant pain. All it took was 3 visits for Dr. Weiss to make my wrist pain free. I haven’t had any pain since. I had been living with this pain for so long that it had become part of my life and I created ways to compensate for the pain. Dr. Weiss made me realize that there is no reason why my body shouldn’t be pain free all the time. I’m convinced there is no muscular injury he can’t treat successfully.

I am about to compete in a bicycle ride from Boston to Montreal and back to Boston, 750 miles and over 32,000 vertical feet of climbing. My calf muscle is 100% and I am confident that with all the help Dr. Weiss has given me, my overall time will be well under the 90 hour time limit. Without the chiropractic and the (Active Release Techniques) ART treatments you provided, I wouldn’t have achieved any of the goals I set out to accomplish this season.

– Chris Candiello, Maynard

I would like to thank Dr. Weiss for helping me achieve a terrific race at this year’s Ironman USA Lake Placid. Not only did I successfully navigate the course in one piece, but managed a 54 minute PR over my previous Ironman race.

After struggling with nagging hamstring and Achilles injuries for over 1 year, I was resigned to the fact that my competitive training and races were over. To my surprise, following 3 – 4 treatments with Dr. Weiss, I noticed that the pain in my hamstring subsided. Additionally, following a run, I no longer experienced any lingering tightness or soreness in my Achilles. As I approached the 2003 / 2004 Indoor Track Season, I was able to train and race without any worries. In fact, I set multiple PR’s at various distances.

Furthermore, following a late-Winter cycling wipeout, I was absolutely convinced my chances for a successful training season for Ironman Lake Placid were dashed. Based on the pain and limited range of motion in my knee, I thought I had suffered some internal damage. However, following an examination and a few treatments, I was able to resume routine training. I could not believe it! Without question, Dr. Weiss has the ability to get the body’s healing powers in action!I feel fortunate to have discovered Dr. Weiss!

– Dustin Baker, Fitchberg

I have used chiropractic in the past but the services provided by Dr. Weiss far exceed anything I have experienced before.

From the very first assessment I knew this was going to be a different experience. Dr. Weiss immediately noticed things that I was unaware of. The ART treatments have in one case completely eliminated the pain I was feeling and in another have significantly improved it. Dr. Weiss always listens and answer my questions. I am learning more about my body and what I can do to keep healthy.

Dr. Weiss is always pleasant and very professional. I am extremely pleased to have found his practice. I mention his name to anyone that seems to need help, and if they don’t take the first step to call they don’t know what they are missing!

– Rick DeToma, Fitness Coach, Holliston

I would like to extend a special thanks to Dr. Bradley Weiss for helping me through my pain and injuries at such a rapid rate. I came to Chiropractic Healthcare with a nagging tail bone injury that I had been suffering with for two years. Because I suffered from constant throbbing pain and spasms, it was very difficult for me sit comfortably in any position. I had gone through series of physical therapy, and was also treated with cortisone shots, but found no relief. Finally, Dr. Weiss was recommended to me and I made an appointment, even though I live about an hour from Natick. Dr. Weiss began to work on the injured area, and I experienced dramatic results instantly. Within a few visits I was able to do things I had not been able to do for years, like ride a bike, or spend more than an hour at a time in the car. I have also been able to sleep comfortably, rather than being awaken! by spasms in the middle of the night.

In addition to the work he did on my tail bone, Dr. Weiss simultaneously treated a running injury that had been nagging me for months. I enjoy running marathons, but have been struggling with chronic pain since the Boston Marathon in April. Since Dr. Weiss has been treating the area, I have experienced a significant decrease in the pain and discomfort and have been able to continue my regular running routine. I am hoping to continue with my visits in order to begin training for the New York City Marathon in the fall. What distinguishes Dr. Weiss from any other doctor I have seen for pain and injuries, is that he is willing to treat any area I am having a problem with. He is an attentive listener, and thoroughly discusses how I am feeling at the beginning of each session. During my last visit, I told him that I had hurt my neck while sleeping, and he adjusted it immediately. Then I happened to tell him that I suffered from TMJ, and he treated that as well. After a few adjustments, I found that I could open and close my mouth without it clicking and feeling misaligned.

Overall, Dr. Weiss is nothing short of a miracle worker! I entered the practice with no expectations, but have been so pleasantly surprised by the instant relief I have felt in every area he has treated. I live a very active lifestyle, and have made myself get accustomed to a life of living with pain, because I was never happy with the results I got anywhere else. I would highly recommend Dr. Weiss to anyone who is unnecessarily living with pain and discomfort. I am so happy he was recommended to me, because he has changed my life dramatically, and I am looking forward to more visits, and many more years of good health!

– Melissa O’Donnell, Lancaster

I came to Dr. Weiss’ office about 8 weeks before I was scheduled to run my first ever marathon. I am not your typical runner— I’m a “big & tall” guy— so my legs take a lot of abuse when I run. After about 15 weeks of training, I began experiencing pain in my knee that was so bad I couldn’t keep up a jog for more than 20 seconds without having to stop and walk. I feared I wouldn’t be able to reach the goal I had been working on for months, but thankfully I found Dr. Weiss after doing some research on ART.

At my first appointment, Dr. Weiss put me at ease and assured me there was no reason why I wouldn’t be able to run the marathon. He immediately diagnosed multiple problems that were manifesting themselves as pain in my knee, and designed a therapy program that fit in to the short time frame before the race. Perhaps most amazing of all, he called me at home after my first appointment to double check that I understood everything we talked about and to answer any questions I may have. And Dr. Weiss’ staff has always been caring, responsive, and willing to go the extra mile to make sure I was taken care of.

There was a noticeable reduction in pain after my very first visit with Dr. Weiss, and the pain continued to diminish as the weeks progressed. By the time race day arrived, not a single issue that I had worked on with Dr. Weiss was hurting me on race day: no knee pain, no foot pain, and no shin splints. And not once did I need to take prescription medication to achieve this result.

I am not exaggerating when I say that I consider Dr. Weiss to be a miracle worker, and I can honestly say that if it wasn’t for his help, I would not have been able to meet my goal! Thank you, Dr. Weiss!!!

Mark J. Grady, Leominster, MA
FINISHER, 2006 LaSalle Bank Chicago Marathon

Over a year ago, I came to see Dr. Weiss because a running friend had recommended Active Release Technique (“ART”) to me and Dr. Weiss was the only ART practitioner in all of Metrowest. An avid middle-aged runner, I showed up with a host of nagging injuries – sore abdomen, quads, adductors, and knees. Over the course of the next few months, he gradually got rid of all of my nagging pains. I learned all about new body parts I never even knew I had – like the pectineus. Sure, he’s a chiropractor and yes, my back and neck feel better than ever, but what is awesome to me is how, through his amazing ART, my legs and lower body are now as healthy and pain free as they’ve ever been! I love the way Dr. Weiss tries to work with you to keep you running, unlike many doctors who don’t hesitate to tell you to stop. I never hesitated to recommend him to my running friends and many of them are now devoted disciples. In fact, we now have a recommended link to Dr. Weiss on our running club (Greater Framingham Running Club’s) website, Dr. Weiss what would I have done without you?!

Arnie Pollinger,
President, Greater Framingham Running Club

In January 2006, I was diagnosed with a stress fracture in my tibia due to overuse, and was forced to take 6 long weeks off from running to heal. When I was finally able to run again, it was more than frustrating it was very painful. I wondered if I’d ever be able to run long distance again. Most of my post-fracture runs would involve me on the side of the road, crying out of pain and frustration.

Then a friend convinced me to give Active Release Techniques a try, and referred me to Dr. Weiss. I was skeptical. I’d seen a chiropractor before, and stopped going because I’d end up in more pain after a visit than before I went in. But, I was desperate, and trusted my friend’s advice.

I was really impressed with the thorough exam I received upon my first visit to Dr. Weiss, but even more impressed when he told me to bring my running shoes to one of the appointments that followed. Dr. Weiss was the first of any in the medical profession I’d been to (including a physical therapist for a previous muscle injury) who not only encouraged me to continue running, but wanted to see me run and do a gait analysis. Dr. Weiss explained to me the pain I was experiencing was due to scar tissue that had built up and started ART treatments.

Within 4-6 visits my running had significantly improved. Dr. Weiss also loosened up my chronically tight neck and finally relieved the pain I experienced in my lower back due to a previous muscle tear years earlier. The best part: no more crying during my runs!

Thanks to Dr. Weiss and ART, I was able to resume back to my normal training regimen and even finish my second marathon in the fall. I know it not have been possible without the healing hands of Dr. Weiss. Even my husband, who avoids most doctors like the plague, couldn’t ignore my results he is also now a patient. I would refer anyone, athlete or not, to Dr. Weiss. Thank you!

– Jen Fields, Westborough

The BEST thing you can do for your training injuries is go see Dr Brad Weiss. He is a fantastic chiropractor and highly skilled in ART or Active Release Therapy. I only sing someone’s praises if they are totally worthy of it. Dr Weiss can help with your injuries or just help with performance enhancement. He works on athletes all the time and is a super nice person too.

I am a triathlete and had last winter was suffering form Plantar Fasciatis pretty severely. I was competing in my first half iron distance race in June and needed to get this problem under control. Months of PT, ice and stretching hadn’t helped. A friend recommended Dr. Weiss and I can resoundingly say I am SO glad we connected. He worked away on the PF and on a problem with my hamstring. I never had to stop training and was ready to go race day thanks to him. Dr Weiss’s work didn’t stop there as I qualified for Age Group Nationals in July ’06 and I put him right back to work to get me ready for that race!

Dr. Weiss zones in on your problems and uses his expertise whether in ART or as a chiropractor to solve them. He explains everything so you can understand what is going on with your body! He works with you to help you achieve whatever goals you have, whether it is to get through daily life pain free or compete on the national level.

I have seen my share of doctors as I went through breast cancer surgery and treatment just two years ago. I can honestly say Dr. Weiss is a gift to all of us! Please do yourself a favor and schedule a time to meet with him today!

– Anne Perry, Acton

The pain began two weeks before a 1⁄2 marathon in 2003. It was in the bottom of my right foot, between the ankle and the arch. I tapered, and then ran the race. I figured after the race I’d rest for a month or so and it would be fine. But the pain never went away. Nobody knew what was wrong and why with rest I wasn’t getting better. I was actually getting worse. My foot and leg ached when I stood and walked. My job requires hours of standing, and by the end of the day I hobbled on the outsides of my feet to avoid the pain. It was frustrating and painful. As time went by I began referring to my life as a runner in the past tense: “I was a runner” and “when I used to run”.

As a last ditch effort I went to see Dr. Weiss. A coworker of mine had had great success after seeing him, and was running again after a long lay off. I skeptically made the appointment. Over the previous three years I had been in and out of so many doctors offices. Physical therapists, orthopedic surgeons, and acupuncturists couldn’t figure it out. Why should I believe ART would work? Dr. Weiss confirmed the diagnosis of Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome and assured me he could have me up and running again.

Within four weeks my pain was noticeably gone. My optimism peaked. Dr. Weiss gave me the okay to “test” it. That first visit to the track was exciting and scary. That was five months ago. I am currently running consistently, and have my eye on some triathlons and road races. I no longer wake up in the morning worried about my foot. The relief that I feel now is amazing. Nobody should live with chronic pain.

Dr. Weiss understands that athletes need to be athletes. Multiple doctors throughout my injury made me feel like I was foolish to want to run, or to try to run. Dr. Weiss understands the mindset of the athlete and encourages movement and testing throughout the healing process. Thank You Dr. Weiss. I dedicate this year of training to you.

– June Melia, Stow

Last June I was talking to another runner about injuries. He mentioned that he sees a chiropractor on a monthly basis to reduce being injured. I didn’t understand why a runner would see a chiropractor for any running injury and didn’t pursue it further with him. At the time I had Achilles tendonitis which had been an issue for me all year. I went to a podiatrist, tried physical therapy, and every other solution I could find to no avail. I ran the Falmouth Road Race last August to keep an 8 year streak going although not completely healthy. During that brief training period and the race itself, I also pulled a hamstring, and developed plantar’s fasciitis.

I knew I had to do something, and did more research on the internet and discovered ART (active release technique). I found Dr. Weiss listed in Natick and found out that my friend had been seeing him all along. I called his office and gave them my insurance information. They quickly told me how many visits my insurance covered which saved me from calling Blue Cross which I was very thankful for. (Everyone in his office has been great since I started!!)

With Dr. Weiss I learned that everything is connected to our back, and how great ART is along the way. He checked my running gait which had never been done by any other physicians. I haven’t met any other physician who is so enthusiastic, and he was always discussing various options with me over the course of treating those injuries. I eventually healed from all 3 injuries by the end of the year which I was very pleased with!!

My plan for my next visits are to keep trying to improve on my running gait, and get fitted for orthotics which is very reasonably priced compared to other research that I have done. I am very glad that I discovered Dr. Weiss and will continue to recommend him to others.

– Michael Gannon, Ashland, MA

A couple of years ago, I started playing indoor volleyball and almost immediately developed plantar fasciitis. I did not know that’s what it was for a long time, because I just lived with the slight nagging pain. That is until I let it go for over 9 months and it became such a huge pain that I could barely walk. I finally went to my doctor and was diagnosed. He gave me heel cups, showed me some stretches, started me on a regimen of 2400mg of Advil a day and told me I should start to feel better in a couple of weeks. None of these things did a thing to help the pain and I ended up back at the doctor with an emergency visit because the pain was so bad.

I was then referred to a prominent podiatrist who said he could help me. He took x-rays of my feet and made orthotics for my shoes. He also told me to accept the fact that I will need to wear shoes with orthotics and only shoes with orthotics for the rest of my life. At the time I didn’t care (it wasn’t sandals season yet) – all I wanted was for the pain to go away and that seemed like a fair trade. He said as time went on and I wore the orthotics I would start to feel better and the pain would go away.

I went back for followups and kept telling the podiatrist that I didn’t feel any better, and actually might be feeling worse. His response was always the same – “it takes time … come back and see me in 8 weeks”. Boy, was I depressed.

In the meantime a friend of mine who is an avid runner had been telling me about this miracle doctor who all of her running friends (including herself) had been flocking to. It seemed that everyone would reach a point with their current treatment where they felt hopeless, then would go to see Dr. Weiss and come out with a whole new outlook. I asked her if he treated plantar fasciitis and she said he did, and had helped a friend of hers with that exact problem – making it heal completely, not just managing the pain.

So despite the fact that Dr. Weiss’ office is 45min from my work, and over an hour from my home, I went to see him for a diagnosis. He said he could help me and I began a treatment plan of 3 visits per week. Because I had done so much damage by ignoring my problem for so long, there was a lot of healing to do. But we did get there – over time I got better and am now pain free and back to normal. It was a long and frustrating process at times but Dr. Weiss was very good at telling me what was going on with my body and helping me have realistic expectations about my recovery. I felt so relieved to finally be in the care of someone who coud help me! And despite taking a long time to recover, I made steady progress along the way which gave me hope that someday I might actually heal from this problem not just learn how to manage it. I’m very happy to have made it.

In the meantime, as I started to feel well enough to move around again, I was so excited to be able to be active again. I hired a personal trainer and started ski racing again. This June I participated in a running/biking duathlon, and have become an avid runner. Dr. Weiss has been incredibly helpful in assiting my body to adjust to the new things I’m making it do. I turns out he’s not just good at feet!

I would recommend (and have) Dr. Weiss to anyone, athletic or not. He is well known for helping people to live their lives the way they want to, and help make their bodies feel great in the process. Too many people live with pain because they think (or are told) that there is no alternative. If this isn’t good enough for you – go see Dr. Weiss.

– Tori Hunter, Ashburnham, MA

Two years ago I started road biking. I really enjoyed the sport but realized that my chronic back pain was limiting my ability to increase my distances and impaired my ability to turn my head and check for cars or other bikers behind me. A massage therapist recommended Dr. Weiss. Within the first two months of treatment, my neck mobility increased tremendously and I felt more confident in my ability to be aware of who was behind me in the road. After four months of work, not only I was able to double my biking distances, but I was actually able to walk around comfortably after my rides, instead of having to painfully stretch my body to its natural state.

Dr. Weiss, I was able to complete the Pan Mass Challenge (a 163 mile two-day ride) earlier this month with no back or neck pain at all!

– Eleanor Uddo, Wellesley

Dr. Brad Weiss affected my life significantly. Over my 37 years I have played sports on many levels; just short of the professional level (thanks to a broken shoulder- before I met Dr.Weiss). As an enthusiastic athlete, injuries are a fact of life.

After a wrist injury during a racquetball game; that was exacerbated by a slip and fall on an icy step. I went to an Orthopedic Specialist/Surgeon. After prolonged physical therapy and extensive electric stimulation therapy (coupled with steroid anti-inflammatory drugs); my good Doctor was prepared to perform surgery and “fix” my problem “de Quervain’s Disease” (go ahead and “Google” it).

Fortunately for me; I was visiting Dr. Weiss for a back adjustment just before this intrusive surgery was scheduled to be performed. He made notice of the hard brace on my wrist/hand, during my appointment. Upon explaining my trouble, Dr. Weiss took quick action and healed my problem with the use of ART. Within 3 visits my wrist troubles were gone. By the way, this happened 3 years ago and my wrist is still working as good as new.

Thanks to Dr.Weiss insight and abilities, I was able to avoid a painful and difficult surgery.

With every opportunity, I enthusiastically promote Dr.Weiss to all my family and friends. I hope you will take advantage of his talent in order to better your own daily life. I recommend Dr. Weiss to everyone on my over 30 baseball team; the Hudson Cardinals. We all swear by the good Doctor!

– Matthew Sandock

Getting a Runner Running Again…

It was 2 days after my 50th birthday in early December that I was out on an easy 8 mile run when about 2.5 miles from home I felt a strange and sharp pain in my hamstring where it connects to the bottom of the hip. I remember thinking “that wasn’t good” and sure enough had to walk home the rest of the way. Here I was, a little over a month from running the Disney marathon with a very painful hamstring. Resting it didn’t work, traditional chiropractic methods were slow to help and running seemed out of the question.

A friend told me about Dr. Weiss and ART but it took me until early January to convince myself it was worth the drive to see if he could help me. I liked how he listened to me, what had happened, where I was at and what my goals were. He felt very positive that I could be put on the path to recovery. After my ART treatment, he told me to go and try it out. Surprised at this, I did indeed the next morning and found that my short run was much better than the short ones I had been trying on occasion. We continued to work on my hamstring rather intensely (no miracle for Disney) but I did have a half marathon in mid-February that I hoped to make. Well, I did it – not perfectly healed but enough so that I could complete the 13.1 miles at a reasonable pace.

Now, 3.5 months later, I have completed the following races: 4 miles, two 5ks, another half marathon and am getting ready to run yet another half marathon in early June. I have no pain at this point and I know it is through the help of Dr. Weiss and ART. I am so very glad I listened to my friend. Thank you so much, Dr. Weiss. Now I just need to figure out which marathon to start training for!

– Cindy Buhner, Harvard

I learned the hard way that a person’s lower back is like the keystone of a bridge. When it falls out of place it doesn’t matter how strong the rest of you may be. In winter, Teleboarding is my sports passion. The rest of the year I’m running marathons, bike racing and doing multi-sport events. These activities, as well as my work as a carpenter, all put stress on my back. For me, a problem in that area is more than painful – it shuts me off from my livelihood and from the sports activities I love. Dr. Weiss has helped bring me back several times from those crises, and educated me on how to keep the crisis episodes from happening in the first place. His knowledge, extensive training and well-equipped office allow for a multi-dimensional approach that I believe gives his patients the best possible prospects for swift recovery.

Martin Fey, Co-Inventor of the Teleboard
Winner of the Blackstone Valley Greenway Challenge Triathlon 2006, 2007
Runner-up 2008, 2009

I have been a patient of Dr. Weiss for 7 years. Since then he has successfully treated my upper and lower back, hips, sinus, and even Rotator cuff. He always sees me on time, and sometimes without a scheduled appointment. Which of course is when I most need help. I am very grateful to Dr. Weiss, because no matter how badly I manage to hurt myself, he has always been able to make me feel healthy again.

– John E. Deans, Holden

In the space of 6 days recently, I went from having an arm so sore I couldn’t raise it more than 90 degrees, to driving in the winning run for my softball team as we qualified for post-season play. My two visits to you earlier in the week (one of which was practically on a moment’s notice) obviously paid off. Thanks so much for your expert care.

– Jay Gordon, Natick

A Quick Return to Running …
patient Anita Bugan
I sought out the expertise of Dr Weiss with a slight hamstring tear after completing a half-ironman. A friend in Chicago, IL had done an internet search of Chiropractors in my area and had recommendedDr. Weiss. I chose to drive 45 minutes to Natick for his specialty in A.R.T. (Active Release Techniques). I had not been able to run for two weeks straight due to severe pain. In the first visit, after being treated with A.R.T, I was able to bend and touch my toes, something I hadn’t been able to do for 3 weeks. I’ve been a patient of Dr. Weiss for only a month with 6 visits in that time frame and had immediate results. Because I’m a R.N, I’ve got a mind that is set in problems being fixed with either a pill or surgical intervention. I am still amazed that my injury was healed by Dr. Weiss and his hands on treatment called A.R.T.

Anita Bugan, Independent Beachbody Coach

A New Black Belt…
patient John Robitaille
Before I met Dr Weiss, my back was in pain and as a result I could not participate in sports. In October, I have achieved the esteemed rank of 1st degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do. Thanks to Dr Weiss and his staff for their great care. Thank you for my perfect posture.

– John Robitaille, Blackstone, MA

What do you do when:

  • the Boston Marathon this year gets you all fired up to want to qualify for 2012,
  • there’s no easy New England fall marathon before the September 12 Boston 2012 registration date,
  • you’re currently running very well (at least compared to how I had been running for the past 2 years),
  • and there is a local marathon in Providence on May 1st, less than 2 weeks away and you haven’t run anything longer than half marathons since May of last year?

Me? Well I decided to be a little bit crazy and consider doing it. I chose not to register until the Tuesday before it closed and of course, managed to pull a muscle on a short treadmill run that morning. Luckily I was seeing Dr. Weiss on Wednesday – he worked on things and I ran (outside this time) on Thursday. The run felt good but after that I was sore so I made another appointment for Friday morning. Dr. Weiss checked it out, told me that medically I could run if I wanted to and then proceeded to work my leg over and tape me up. I headed right to Providence to register, came home and debated my sanity all day Saturday. However Sunday morning found me at the starting line and 26.2 miles later I crossed the finish line with over 6 minutes to spare for my Boston qualifying time! I ran the entire way without stopping and my leg felt just fine. A bit of insanity, a lot of luck and Dr. Weiss’s magic did the job. Without the latter, I would have been doing the 5K I had been registered for!! 🙂 Thanks so much, Dr. Weiss – you’re the best!

– Cindy Buhner, Harvard

The Key to a Great Race
patient Patrick McCann
In May 2010, I crashed my bicycle in the mountains outside San Jose, CA. I fractured my acetabulum (pelvis), cracked a few ribs and broke my collarbone. This put an end to my season and forced me to re-evaluate how I cared for my body.

After three months of rehab and physical therapy, I felt healthy enough to start training but needed someone to keep me functionally aligned and on the right track. Enter Dr. Brad Weiss in January of 2011.

After a thorough initial consult, Dr. Weiss began an aggressive regimen of ART, stretching, and even (Kinesio) taping. Within two weeks I was already seeing results. By the end of February I was able to run a half marathon just one minute slower than my personal best. In April I ran the Boston Marathon in 3:01, setting a new Boston personal best by over 10 minutes and missing my overall best by just over a minute. Even after I stopped seeing Dr. Weiss, I continued to follow his guidance and a frequent stretching / self-care regimen. I was able to win my age group at the Patriot Half Ironman with a personal best time (4:26). And my season just culminated with me breaking the 10-hour mark at the Ironman distance for the first time ever — a 9:56! This placed me 5th AG and 28th overall, earning me my fourth trip the Ironman World Championships in Kona, HI.

Hard to believe that over the span of 14 months, I was able to regain my form and achieve my best season yet! I attribute a large part of this success to Dr. Weiss…he truly is one-of-a-kind and a worthy partner for anyone looking to get healthy or get to the next level! Thanks Doc!

Patrick McCrann