Carpal Tunnel

Testimonials for Dr. Bradley Weiss

When I had the symptoms of numbness, tingling, and pain in my hands, I suspected it was carpal tunnel syndrome. I ignored the symptoms for quite some time, just hoping I was wrong. I even fantasized that they might just magically go away However, I knew when the numbness interfered with a good night’s sleep, which invariably interfered with life and job performance, it had to be addressed. Having experienced many stories from friends and co-workers regarding traditional medical treatments for carpal tunnel, I did not wish to take that route!!!

Coincidentally, Dr. Weiss, who was new to Natick at the time, sent a brochure in the mail which described his extensive experience in treating carpal tunnel syndrome. I attended his free info lecture and met folks with the same symptoms and same skepticism I was experiencing. His presentation was professional, clear and based on a proven, wonderful track record. The best decision I made was to commit to Dr. Weiss’ care. After a very thorough assessment, he presented a treatment plan. I followed his guidelines. Improvement followed, almost immediately, according to his plan….starting with a good night’s sleep! I am currently pain free and fully functioning at my desk job! Dr. Weiss has surrounded himself with a very pleasant staff and a very accommodating schedule. Two side benefits were also realized. When I began treatment with Dr. Weiss, I never mentioned my painful knee joints and constant back pain because I was so focused on my carpal tunnel problems. After regular visits and adjustments, my knees are pain free and I was able to help shovel out of our recent snow storm without back pain!

– Vita Day, Natick

I finally placed a call to Dr. Weiss after being referred by a friend who had recent successful treatment by him. Dr. Weiss met with me to discuss my symptoms: lower back pain, neck soreness and carpal tunnel syndrome in both hands. A thorough exam followed and
Dr. Weiss explained to me my underlying problems were decreased spinal motion, nerve irritation, muscle spasm, and degeneration changes in my spine. After just one visit, I started to feel better, not only physically but mentally too! Now one month later, I no longer need to wear a wrist brace at night for the CTS. The numbness and pain in my hands are gone, so is the pain in my lower back. I look forward to my visits with Dr. Weiss and his friendly staff because I know I will leave the office feeling great. Thank you!

– Christy Romanick, Weston