Testimonials for Dr. Victoria VanNederynen

After 15 years of remarkably successful chiropractic care, I stopped about 3 years ago. I knew my condition had stabilized, and I wanted to save on the time, effort and expense of regular trips to Natick for an adjustment.

Last winter, I was in great pain. Neck, shoulder, arm — unlike earlier symptoms, and more extreme. When the office of the orthopedist gave me a list of neurosurgeons to choose from, I knew I’d made a big mistake.

I was soon back in the care of Dr. Tori VanNederynen. What a wise decision that turned out to be! I found her to be the same warm, caring person I remembered, whose compassion and professionalism make her so effective in her work. With the very first treatment, my pain and distress began to dissolve. My progress since continues to accelerate.

I’m a musician who also enjoys his day job as a gardener. Last winter, my spine was in such deep crisis that both of these beloved activities seemed at risk. Now, I’m working hard and getting stronger every day, grateful to be back in the groove. I could not have made such a dramatic recovery without the help of Dr. V.

Many, many thanks!
– Andy Levesque, Acton MA

In December 2011, I was given a sacroiliac belt and the assurance that I would never exercise to my full potential again. I was nineteen years old and had spent the last four months taking eight different NSAIDS, pain killers, and steroids. I had gotten an x-ray, an MRI, a Torodol shot, a cortisone shot, and had been going to physical therapy every three days. Now, after all of that and after four months of not even being allowed to walk unless it was on a level surface, I was being promised that there was nothing that could be done because, somewhere along the way towards recovery, I had wound up with a “loose left sacroiliac joint.”

By the summer of 2011, I considered it a given that I would wake up in pain. It was the status quo that I would toss and turn for hours, trying in frustrated agony to find a position that offered enough relief to let me finally fall asleep. When I sat down or stood up, the pain took my breath away-and I couldn’t even stand up without placing my hand on my low back for stability. Sometimes I wouldn’t look before I crossed the street simply because even a slight turn of my head hurt my lower back so badly that honestly didn’t feel worth the risk I would be avoiding. The monthly burden of premenstrual bloating, which is, admittedly, always a hassle, would strain the joint to the point where I was unable to walk for a full day-and the worst part was that I couldn’t even wear my belt during that time. And I needed that belt. If I was halfway to my destination and realized that I didn’t have my belt with me, I would turn right around and go get it because I depended so strongly on that relief.

By July, I had finally lost faith in the idea of ever being pain-free. Then I took a shot and went to Performance Health Center-I figured I might as well give it one last try. Dr. V listened to my story with patience and compassion and honesty that inspired an immediate comfort and confidence in me. When she examined me, she told me that everything below my core was inflamed, nerves and tendons were pinched in my left hamstring causing a nasty case of sciatica, and basically everything was thrown out of alignment. I was a disaster, we agreed. She told me I was definitely one of the worst cases of SI dysfunction that she had seen, especially in a twenty year old girl….but she had faith.

She had faith in herself and she had faith in me and that rekindled my natural tendency to have faith in myself.

We went slow…painfully, almost frustratingly slow. But, within a month, I realized I couldn’t even remember where I last placed my belt. I simply didn’t miss it at all anymore! I had become reacquainted with my body and, when I was ready, she taught me how to protect my progress and eventually even test it.

Within six weeks, I tested negative for sciatica for the first time in a year. I almost cried. For the first time, after a long and painFULL year, I could find comfort in the simple act of falling into my bed after a long day. Then, when I woke up, I fully expected that I could simply stretch out any residual aches. I no longer expected pain to be a given in my life. And, most of all, I had faith again.
-Stephani Spindel, 20 years old and student at UMass Amherst

Dear Dr. Victoria VanNederynen, I wanted to write you a letter to thank you for the tremendous assistance that your Active Release Techniques treatments and foam rolling instructions were to my strained hamstrings. When I first visited you, I was two months away running the Maine Marathon and my training was stuck because of sharp pain in my very tight hamstrings. I was contemplating backing out of the race and focusing on recovery. Instead, with your help, I was able to train hard and set a new personal record dropping my marathon time from 4:02 to 3:50. I highly recommend Active Release Techniques and have full confidence in Performance Health Center. Thank you so much!

– Guido Jacques

It was great to see you (Dr. V) on the (Boston Marathon) course! I finished! I slowed down a lot in the second half, but I made it. I started to have a little pain in my ankle but I had Tylenol with me and took that which helped a lot. By the end of the race, the heat was affecting me more than my ankle. I started feeling sick at my stomach and a little light headed. I walked a lot and got Gatorade at the water stops. I managed to run the last 2 miles to the finish and take in the crowds on Boylston Street.

Thanks so much for everything you’ve done to help get me to the starting and finish lines, both physically and emotionally. You’ve been great! I really appreciate it

– Tricia Pierson

Wanted to start this email with great news – my left ankle is “cracking” – you know, joint crack/tension release kind of cracking. It hasn’t done this since 2005 when I broke the ankle. Goodness, what blessed relief it is!! Now, on to the testimonial:

Feb, 2012 — After suffering with Plantar Fasciitis for several years, and a double flare (both feet) lasting over six months, I was at the end of my sanity rope, and preparing for surgery to release the Plantar Fascia. My orthopedic surgeon said it would be months of recovery, and only 75% of people who had the procedure had any relief. Not the greatest odds. I had already been down the routes of NSAIDs, pain relievers and steroids, to no avail.

Then a friend recommended ART(Active Release Techniques®) – he said his PF was cured with 4 visits to his chiropractor (in NYC). After mentioning this to someone in my office, he recommended Dr. V. for anything and all things Chiro. I was ready to try anything prior to surgery. Heck, if someone had told me fire ants worked, I would have tried that! I was impressed with the pre-visit survey you have to complete – very comprehensive. I was also impressed with how quickly I was able to get an appointment with Dr. V. Her questions were on spot with my questionnaire, and probing enough to prompt additional avenues of thought and insight.

My first treatment, although I had read up on it and youtube’d demonstrations on it, was in plain terms, life altering. I felt immediate relief. I got off the table, stood up, and could actually stand upright without pain! Look, LOOK – I’m standing – I wanted to shout it to the world. You see, I had be hobbling around with a cane for six months due to the unbearable pain I had been experiencing. Twenty-four hours a day, no relief unless I took heavy pain killers, steroid shots (which are a level of pain I never wish to experience again!), NSAIDs coming out my ears, etc. Nothing took even an edge off the paid or swelling, until my first ART session.

I continued hobbling around with the cane for the next few days, more out of habit and some residual necessity, but I continued with my stretches as prescribed by Dr. V. Session two was a Friday, and by Sunday, I was wandering around my home without a cane – all day long – I was finally able to catch up on all the housework that I had put off because of the unbearable pain. I called everyone I could that evening to tell them that I had gone the entire day without a cane and felt great! I told Dr. V. at my third appointment (Monday), and she couldn’t believe the progress.

That was yesterday. So, I’m still carrying the cane, but it’s more for security blanket reasons. My feet feel great (there is still some small amount of discomfort, but hey, you don’t fix 7 years worth of problems in one week!), my ankles have more flexibility due to all the alphabet drawing my with toes, I’m standing straighter, and I’m far less reliant on the cane that I was only one week ago. I’ve stopped most of the drugs (down to Aleve from Rx level NSAIDs), sleep better, wake in less pain daily, and am looking forward to restarting an exercise regime to regain my old body, which has gone to pot since I wasn’t able to do anything due to the pain level. I’ll follow this up in a few months to let you know the long-term effects. Until then, don’t wait like I did – come in, get healed!!

– Susan D’Antonio, long time Plantar Fasciitis sufferer

As a 60 year old active male you will no doubt understand that I hurt myself frequently. The older body, the stress of work outs but the desire to keep fit. Well, that desire almost lost its flame over the past 8 months as one injury after another piled on. But Dr. VanNederynem kept working on me, refused to let me give in to despair and used all of her techniques – ART, Graston, and general chiropractic techniques to get me healthy and keep me going. When I couldn’t do one type of exercise she suggested two others. She gave me things to do at home between visits to help me heal more quickly. Her determination to have me healed was unparalleled in my experience with healers.

Many of us older folk think young healers do not have enough experience to treat us. WRONG. Dr. V may be youthful but she has a world of experience and keeps searching out new ways to learn more. Conferences, books, journals all add to her store of suggestions and therapies to help people stay healthy. All this would be wonderful enough, but she is also warm, witty and intelligent.

– Chuck Schwager

I have been in the carpentry trade for over 30 years. My work has always been physically demanding, and I just figured my upper body pain and loss of flexibility were just part of the job.

Recently though, what started as a small ache in my back, turned into a stabbing pain that was affecting both my work and home life. My PCP suggested a week of ice and Aspirin, which did not help.

Luckily my wife overheard people at our health club discussing how grateful they were to Performance Health Center (PHC) for “curing” their back problems. I gave them a try as the pain was unbearable.

At my appointment I met Dr. VanNederynen, who did an examination and suggested a treatment plan. Subsequently, Dr. VanNederynen found and treated a rib that was out of position causing my pain.

Since then I have been on a maintenance program which has dramatically lessened my aches and pains and increased my flexibility. I feel so much better on a daily basis thanks to Dr. VanNederynen’s knowledge and treatment. I highly recommend Dr. VanNederynen and all the staff at PHC.

– Jim Martinelli

Every time I see Dr. VanNederynen (Dr. V) for a treatment, I remind myself how lucky I am to have her as part of my wellness team. Most healthcare professionals are good at technically treating patients.Not only is Dr. V a technical master of her craft, she is also a superior clinical practitioner and a true healer.There is a subtle magic, special understanding, and absolute honesty in her approach.

Dr. V has successfully brought me relief for both acute & chronic conditions, as well as worked on health maintenance. She has collaborated closely with other physicians & therapists on my case, ensuring a well balanced treatment plan. As an active person with 2 physically demanding jobs… I’d truly be lost without her & I can’t thank her enough!

– Sarah Holmes, Firefighter/RN

Stop Sucking it Up

As an active mother continuously on the go, it took me until I couldn’t lift my arm over my head for me to see someone about it. After exploring many alternatives to deal with my ailment, it was my personal trainer’s high recommendation of Dr. VanNederynen, that led me to her. Her highly educated background, enthusiasm, youthful charm and compassion all proved to be the success that lead to my quick recovery. I was amazed to see that in just a few months I had a significant reduction of pain and a greatly improved range of motion. I wish I had take care of myself earlier, don’t make the same mistake I did.

– Michelle Ciampa

In the past, I was not all that convinced that a chiropractor could really offer much benefit to my health program…that was before I met Dr. Van Nederynen.

Chronic migraines and a nagging low back pain brought me to her office about 7 months ago. I was immediately impressed with how acutely she listened to all my symptoms and subsequently created an effective treatment plan. Almost immediately I seemed to be walking taller, my headaches were gone, and back pain was a thing of the past! I am thrilled not only with the results, but also with the attentive, genuine, and highly effective nature of Dr. V. She encompasses all that a healthcare provider should and could be…I’m sending all my friends to see her!”

– Carmen Schmidt, Boston

I have been wanting to write you and tell you how grateful I am, for giving me back my ablility to dance.

As you know last September I came to you in such pain, pain I had never experienced before.

I want to share with your patients and others how you helped me after my fall during a dance I was doing. The partner I had, let go of me and I went down on my back. With your gentle treatments and much encouragement I am pain free to continue my dancing. I am ever so grateful for your expertise in treatment and definitely superior to other chiropractors I have been to.

– Barbara Levia

Five weeks before last year’s Boston Marathon, I found myself in a position no runner ever wishes to find himself – in pain and unable to run. The dull ache on the interior of my shin suddenly turned sharp, and I couldn’t run 26 feet down my street without having to stop and hobble back home. Fearing a stress fracture, the prospect of covering 26 miles in a little over a month’s time seemed difficult, if not impossible. Enter Dr. Victoria VanNederynen. After a thorough examination of my symptoms, Dr. V diagnosed me with a nasty case of posterior tibial tendinitis and began aggressive treatment with Active Release Technique. After two rounds of treatment the swelling on my shin had subsided and my pain was greatly reduced. Within a few days I resumed with some light running, and after two more treatments the pain was gone completely and I was back to training full steam ahead. I finished Boston without any injury issues, but I never would have made it to the starting without Dr.V’s help!

– Mario Fraioli, Worcester, MA

Dear Dr. Van Nederynen,

patient Deb Wilson of Performance Health CenterThank you does not sum up my gratitude for what you did for me. The first time I signed up to compete in the “Goofy’s Race and Half Challenge” at Walt Disney World in Orlando FL, a few years ago, I had to withdraw months in advance. When I came to see you with a nagging knee problem in December 2008 with only a month before race day I was nervous about not participating…again. My knee problem had already made me cut my long mileage days down. You were confident you could treat me, get me running my long runs again and race ready in that short window of time and did you ever!!!

“Goofy’s Race and Half Challenge” 2009 was my second chance and if it were not for you I would not have been able to compete never mind PR. My time was 1:28 faster than my last marathon, when I did not run a 1⁄2 marathon the day before!! I am forever grateful for your expertise and your delightful manner. I have and will recommend you to everyone I know. 4 medals, three days, all thanks to Dr. V!!!

– Deb Wilson

As a 31 year old Mixed Martial Arts Practitioner, injuries come often and that’s an unfortunate consequence of the sport. However, injuries are also supposed to heal.

Since 2005, I’ve had some type of shoulder or upper back pain nearly every day. Sometimes it was just a reminder something was wrong, sometimes the pain was enough to keep me up and night, and off the mats for extended periods of time. A torn Labrum, Bilateral Shoulder Impingement Syndrome, Glenohumeral Internal Rotation Deficit, Arthritic Cervical Vertebrae, these were all diagnoses that I’ve heard in the last 3+ years. I’ve seen Orthopedic Surgeons, Physiatrists, Physical and Message Therapists. All of them helped, but ultimately I was left with the same prognosis – if I choose to continue participating in my sport, I’m going to have to deal with moderate to severe pain.

I chose to see Dr. VanNederynen to give ART a try, as it was one of the few treatments I had yet to experience. What I need to share is that with in 6 weeks, I was nearly 90% improved. My range of motion in my shoulders was nearly double what it had been, and the pain had let up significantly. Eight weeks after my original evaluation, I’m nearly 100% pain free, for the first time in almost 4 years. I literally cannot remember a time when I felt this good.

I recommend Dr. V. to all the athletes I train with, and I’m forever in her debt as a patient.

– Leo Mortin


A devotee of yoga for more than twenty years, I was in my late thirties when I fell in love with what I considered a near-perfect repair for most aches & pains. I realized yoga was also a fabulous stress reducer. And mostly, yoga practice kept an occasionally sore, left hip in check. Flare-ups only seemed inevitable after sitting in a two-hour movie or taking a car ride of more than 100 miles.

Dr. VanNederynen (Dr. V) was recommended to me by a dear friend who claimed that she was a “different” sort of chiropractor and might be able to help with the hip pain which had become more frequent in recent years. Not only was the initial evaluation very thorough, but Dr. V.’s explanation about the physiology of my piriformis problem was both very interesting and reassuring. After several ART sessions, relief was very noticeable; regular visits have kept my whole body feeling strong and healthy.

Dr. V. is a nurturing and holistic practitioner, both knowledgeable and skillful — I am so grateful for her ongoing care.

– Jo Lewis

Last fall while running the Marine Corps Marathon I encountered some very painful IT band issues. This was unlike anything I’d experienced during my training so after the race I consulted some friends from my running club, anxious for some insight into what had gone wrong and what I could do to prevent it from happening again. Several people suggested ART treatment so I made an appointment with Dr. VanNederynen (Dr.V).
At the first visit Dr. V was able to diagnose what had happened and explained IT band syndrome to me. The ART treatments themselves were incredibly effective, and she also took the time to show me numerous stretches that could help prevent this issue from returning. The combination of the ART, the e-stim machine, and the new stretches allowed me to get back on the road and run pain-free again in a surprisingly short amount of time.

As the Boston Marathon approached this spring Dr. V suggested that I try Kinesio Tape on my long training runs as an additional way of avoiding any further IT band issues. It worked great and I ended up wearing it during the marathon, too. Thanks to Dr. V I was able to run Boston with zero pain this year and I got an eight minute marathon PR in the process!

I can’t say enough great things about how helpful Dr. V has been. Her knowledge combined with her friendly, easy going approach make her an incredibly effective doctor and I can’t thank her enough for all her help!

– Patrick Tibbetts, Westborough

“I hate going to the Doctors!” (but who likes it right?)Usually, when I get an injury, I “suck it up” and wait it out. Most of the time it eventually gets better. So, when I found myself developing severe elbow pain, I again decided to just “suck it up”. This time was different though, the pain was not going away and it was drastically getting worse.

Jason Shea, the owner of APECS (the gym I attend) noticed the pain I was in while trying to lift. He HIGHLY recommended that I go see Dr. Van Nederynen for help.Again, I tried to just “wait it out”. A few months later I spoke with another employee of APECS and she told me she experienced the same elbow pain that I had and she said that “Dr.V” fixed it.

The pain was so bad that I was convinced that the doctors were going to say that I would need an operation. I could not afford to miss that much work, but the pain finally got to the point where it was affecting my job’s safety. I also had the biggest MMA fight of my career coming up. I was coming to terms with the fact that because of my elbow, I was going to have to bow out of the fight.

I had nothing to lose by going to see DR. V. – It ended up being the best advice I followed and the best decision I ever made.Dr.V. saved me from facing an operation and she made my elbow 100% pain free. I can train and lift as hard as I want, and not only did I make it to my MMA fight, I won.

Dr. V has totally changed my outlook on doctors. Now if I have any little “owie’s” from training, I don’t hesitate to go see her. I have since gone to the emergency room after one of my fights because it felt like one of my ribs was cracked and sticking into my lung. The emergency room doctor assured me that it was only bruised and would go away. Weeks later, I went to Doctor V. because the pain in my rib was just as intense. I explained my injury to her and in 2 seconds she found the subluxated rib (that the ER Dr. missed) and put it back into place. The pain instantly went away.

Dr. V’s enthusiasm and knowledge for her profession are immediately obvious, but what also is impressive is that she is an active Tri-Athlete who just completed the “Ironman” in Lake Placid. As an athlete myself I find it an asset in having a Doctor that is also.

If you have any pain at all, I will quote my friend Jason Shea…“go see Dr. V”

Eric J. Cusson
Metro Star -S.W.A.T
Hybrid Fighting – “Heavy Weight Champion”

Dear Dr. V.,

I just wanted to let you know that the Philly marathon was AWESOME. I felt so good, I couldn’t believe it. I kept waiting for my hamstring/back to start hurting…but it never did…I even negative split the race because I sped up when I realized the pain wasn’t going to show up!
THANK YOU!! This race was unlike any other long distance event I’ve ever done. Every other time the run would (at some point) become just about managing the pain and finishing. This time I was actually able to RUN. The whole time. I dropped 22 minutes off my time, felt GREAT the whole time, qualified for Boston (with 10 minutes to spare), and wasn’t writhing in pain as soon as I crossed the finish line.

Did I say THANK YOU??? You rock.

– Meredith Harjes, President of Boston Tri Team

I have been a patient of Dr. V (VanNederynen) for about 3 years now and her ability to heal my body never ceases to amaze me. This has been a difficult year for me, beginning with an auto accident that left my back and neck in bad shape, an arthritic wrist that was potentially going to need surgery, as well as arthritic toes that were also in need of surgery. Dr. V to the rescue! While she could not guarantee that I would be able to avoid surgery, we agreed to see what she could do. I have to say that my wrist is totally fine. I could hardly open a jar in the fall and not that is a distant memory. My feet were definitely making improvements but I then had another mishap (broke the fifth metatarsal of my right foot). So now Dr. V. is helping my ailing body from the pains of a cast, crutches, and now the uneven gait that comes with wearing a boot. I am a runner and have total confidence that Dr. V. will have me back on the running path before too long. I am also convinced that I will be able to avoid surgery. I have total trust in Dr. V. and am thankful to have her in my life.

– Barbara Rappaport, Framingham

In March 2009 I was on an 18 mile training run for my first marathon. During that training run, I suffered a femoral stress fracture which put me out of running for the next 3 months and prevented me from running the marathon. Throughout that training period I had many issues with plantar fasciitis which hindered my training considerably and probably contributed to the final injury.

In November 2009, I was fortunate enough to obtain a number for the 2010 Boston Marathon. Although I had been running regularly, I was concerned that the increase in training could result in another injury. My husband Patrick recommended I go see Dr. V. to make sure I kept things in check during my training. Although she came highly recommended from members of my running club and my husband (whom she helped with severe IT band syndrome) I was still very reluctant. I had never been to a chiropractor and wasn’t sure what to expect. I finally gave in and went to see her and I’m so glad that I did.

As my mileage increased the plantar fasciitis flared up again and later in the training I also experienced some IT band soreness. Through the use of ART, e-stim and kinesio taping, Dr. V. helped alleviate these issues and get me back on the road. I was amazed at how much better my legs felt after each appointment. I made it through the bulk of my training and my final 21 mile run. I had a great run that day, but my legs completely seized up on me afterward. I started to get nervous that I wasn’t going to be able to run the marathon. I visited Dr. V. and she went to work on my leg, twice a week for the 2 weeks leading up to the marathon. I followed her advice…foam roll, heat, ice; as well as the ART sessions.

On April 19, 2010 I ran the Boston Marathon. My legs felt great throughout the race, and although I encountered some severe stomach issues which really hampered my time, I made it through to the finish. I saw Dr. V. at around mile 9.6, she was there to cheer on her patients and other runners. As an athlete herself, she truly cares about her patients and helping them attain their goals. Having been a patient for six months I can now say I am a HUGE believer in chiropractic care and HIGHLY recommend Dr. V. I have to say if it wasn’t for her care during my training, I may have never made it to the finish.

Thanks Dr. V.

– Jennifer Tibbetts, Westborough

I am grateful for the wise and dedicated treatment given to me by Dr. VanNederynen at Performance Health Center. I have been seeing Dr. V. for a few months now for a lower back injury. She demonstrates that she knows exactly what she is doing. The wonderful Active Release Techniques (ART) and helpful chiropractic techniques have eased my back pain tremendously. I cannot recommend her enough! She is idealistic, with a wonderful and caring personality as a practitioner. Thank you again Dr. V!

– Persis Ballou, Lexington

I wanted to write this testimonial about Dr. Victoria VanNederynen (Dr. V) to thank her for the wonderful care she has given me over the past several years and for her genuinely caring, empathetic, and compassionate heart.

I have many complex overlapping auto-immune diseases, including a rare life-threatening mixed connective tissue disease, systemic scleroderma, multiple sclerosis, arthritis, fibromyalgia, etc. With all these diseases, I deal with chronic daily pain—widespread muscle stiffness & spasms, migraines, neck, back, & joint pain, neuropathy, etc., etc. I have a lot of physical limitations. Just trying to manage my pain & exhaustion and accomplish my daily tasks & responsibilities is an ongoing struggle for me.

I cannot express in adequate words how extremely fortunate I feel to have Dr. V as an integral part of my pain-management team of health care professionals. Her determination to help me function at my optimum level means the world to me. Her chiropractic skills are second to none. She is not what one would call a cookie-cutter practitioner. Just the opposite—she customizes every session for me according to my changing and varying needs.

Dr. V has such a wealth of knowledge in the functions of the muscular, skeletal, and neurological systems & also in the area of nutrition. She has worked with me to show me stretching exercises & also did some research for me on some of my medical conditions to see which natural supplements might benefit my immune system.

Weekly adjustments from Dr. V, her active release techniques (ART), and kinesio-taping have all contributed to keeping me mobile, functional, and helped to maintain my independence. She has tried several different methods of manipulation on me and has always encouraged me to give her feedback as to which techniques I feel are the most beneficial.

Before working on me, Dr. V takes the time to listen to where I hurt, and then does an evaluation to determine the source of my pain. So many times she has given me encouragement when I have shared with her my despair for how my body has betrayed me.

I recognize that every chiropractor has their own unique style, but for me, Dr. V’s approach is “perfect”J. She accommodates me with gentle adjustments because that is all my body can handle. For others that benefit from or want a more aggressive approach, she accommodates them.

I have a total trust in whatever techniques Dr. V chooses to use on me because I always notice after my treatment (whether it’s immediate or the next day)—an increase in my range of motion & flexibility, less muscle spasticity & stiffness, and a reduction in my overall level of pain.

I would highly recommend Dr. V to anyone considering chiropractic or alternative health care. She is competent, very easy to talk with, and an exceptionally warm & caring human being. She is proactive in keeping up to date with all the most effective techniques and state-of-the-art procedures. She attends frequent seminars, does extensive reading, and frequently volunteers her services for many athletic events, marathons, etc. In fact, she has even trained for, competed in, and finished both the 2008 & 2009 Lake Placid Ironman Triathlon. I think that kind of commitment, dedication, and determination has to be somehow embedded into her DNA, or more likely, into her heart.

She carries that same type of commitment and dedication to her profession also. She has an undeniable passion for wanting to help people feel better and a determination to do her very best to help people live as pain-free as they possibly can. She takes such a genuine interest in all of her patients. This is reflected by the way she many times will go “above and beyond”.

Dr. V is a “true gift” to the chiropractic and health care field, and especially to me J! She will always hold a very special place of gratitude in my heart for the high quality of care she gives me. I so much appreciate her continued efforts in trying to help me improve the quality of my life. She’s the BEST!!!

With ongoing gratefulness,

– Mary P.

Another Pain-Free Active Patient…

For years I have been dealing with golfers elbow. I am very active and have played a lot of completive sports: professional roller hockey, ice hockey, softball and always weight training. I would just deal with the pain. Then in February of 2010 I found Crossfit, and instantly fell in love with it. And that’s where I met the amazing “Dr. V”.

Unfortunately my elbow could not handle all the movements in Crossfit and it was getting worse. I was very, very frustrated not to be able to do the things I love. The pain was so bad I could not even lift up my hockey bag, or do a lot of the Crossfit workouts, or play softball. So I decided to go see Dr. V after hearing a little bit about her from other Crossfitters and how she helped them. |

After many months of going to her for stim, adjustments, and ART, keeping my appointments, and listening to what she would tell me to do, I was able to start playing hockey again, and Crossfitting. What an unbelievable feeling to have no pain in my elbow. I am so grateful for finding her. Not only is she an amazing Doctor, but a wonderful person as well, and I appreciate all she did to help heal me so I can do the things in life that I love pain free!!!

Thanks so much Dr. V, you are the best!

– Scott St. Cyr, Bellingham

A Boston Marathon Story…

As January 2011 rolled around I had already begun my training for the 115th Boston Marathon. My schedule is not unlike others. It has easy runs, hills, speed work, and most importantly the “long runs.” It is those long runs that are the measure of your conditioning, and best represent your ultimate goal of completing the marathon distance of 26.2 miles. So, by March my long runs had increased from twelve miles to twenty miles. Then on March 9 I started out on a 22 mile “long run.” My goal was to run at marathon pace for much of the run. For the first 16 miles I did just that, but then I felt an “all too familiar” bit of knee pain. By mile 17 I was forced to stop, stretch, massage, and attempt to run the remaining five miles to my home. This could have been devastating knowing my 49 year old body doesn’t heal like it used to. Unable to run even a mile the next day, I called Dr. VanNederynen (Dr. V). She quickly diagnosed my injury as iliotibial band syndrome and immediately began treatment. Admittedly, the treatment is somewhat painful, but she assured me the treatments would get better with time. Beyond the office visits she sent me home with work to do including deep massage with the foam roller and several stretches that were necessary to prevent further injury. I followed her suggestions, continued treatment, and on April 18, 2011 at the 115th Boston Marathon I ran a personal best of 3:22:06 nearly five minutes faster than the previous year. I ran pain-free thanks to all the ladies at Performance Health Center, but especially to Dr V.

– John Dumont, Milford

Working With High School Runners…

Thank you for the time you spent with the Ashland High School Track Team yesterday conducting running gait analysis. After talking with the kids and coaches it was clear that they all benefited a lot from it. You treated about two dozen runners and each one felt a noticeable difference after ART (Active Release Treatment®). The analysis also made each young athlete more aware of things they should do as part of their training. I think the time you spent with each individual helped them realize that improvement in athletic performance requires more than just hard workouts.

John KirkAshland H.S. Track
Team Booster Club Rep.

Another Pain-Free PR Marathon…

I want to extend a big THANK YOU to Dr. V. for all the help she has giving me getting me back on my feet pain free! At the start of the bike of the Ironman 70.3 Providence triathlon this July, I experienced this terrible pain that started in my lower back and went all the way down the back of my leg. With all the prep work that went into it I was very reluctant to stop so I pressed on and finished the race but it was a long day to say the least.

As I had two additional big events this summer (the Timberman 70.3 in August and then the Chicago Marathon in October) I was concerned but decided to try to “tough it out” and hope that eventually it would go away. I continued with my training, convincing myself that it was getting better on its own. While Timberman was an improvement over Providence, it still was a tough day and again the pain in my hamstring started to really slow me down during the run. At that point I started to rethink my plans to run Chicago.

Then during the Reach the Beach relay, Dr. V. and I were on a team together and I had mentioned my ailment to her on more of a conversational level. I had no idea that she was a chiropractor, and even though we are both triathletes and both go to CrossFit New England, our paths had never crossed. I described the pain to her and she suggested I come in to see her because she was confident she could help. I then asked around at CFNE, and she came highly recommended and had already helped numerous others. As I’d never been in to see a chiropractor before I admittedly was a little reluctant at first. “Doesn’t a chiropractor just fix back issues” I thought? How can she really help me with a bum hamstring? But then I thought who better to go and see than someone with so many shared interests. She would know what I was going through and how much having a good day at the marathon would mean to me.

Dr. V. proved to be extremely knowledgeable and professional. Her bedside manner is outstanding and during not only my initial assessment but at each visit I could tell she was really listening to me and empathizing with my situation, and took a keen interest in getting me back on track. After my initial assessment she recommended ART and Kinesio taping (yes, it was much more than just cracking my back, however the regular adjustments were certainly a good addition to the regiment!). After just a couple of sessions I started to feel much better! The combined therapy really worked! So much so, that I was able to run the Chicago Marathon in 3:42, 15 minutes faster than my previous best! I really don’t think I would have made it to the start, let alone the finish, without the help of Dr. V. Thank you so much!!! I really cannot recommend her enough!

– Chad Gould, Acton