Dr. Thomas Ball

Dr. Ball is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about his profession. I am glad I had the opportunity to be his patient and I wish him the best of luck and I highly recommend him to any patient!
– Jason Merchant

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Bernadette Lehmann

My business requires agility and repetitive muscle work. Before being educated by Bern Lehmann on how to prepare my body for working, I depended on Advil to get me through my day (and more importantly – nights). With her knowledge of motion and massage technique, she has enabled me to keep my back and hands gainfully employed!
– Dale Stetson, Gardener

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Dr. Victoria VanNederynen

I am grateful for the wise and dedicated treatment given to me by Dr. VanNederynen at Performance Health Center. I have been seeing Dr. V. for a few months now for a lower back injury. She demonstrates that she knows exactly what she is doing. The wonderful Active Release Techniques (ART) and helpful chiropractic techniques have eased my back pain tremendously. I cannot recommend her enough! She is idealistic, with a wonderful and caring personality as a practitioner. Thank you again Dr. V!
– Persis Ballou, Lexington

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Dr. Brad Weiss

I just wanted to thank you and your wonderful staff for the awesome service I received this week. I have some chronic lower back issues, and probably don’t see you as often as I should for preventative care; rather, it’s usually when I’m having an acute flare that I call in agony, hoping for an immediate appointment to get some relief. That was exactly the case when I called on Monday morning, after a miserable weekend of lower back pain. As usual, Mary fit me in at a time that was convenient for me, you made an adjustment that provided immediate relief, and then Caitlin provided expert electro-stim treatment. After a follow-up treatment today (two days later), I’m completely pain free and looking forward to a long run tomorrow!

The team at Performance Health Center rocks!

– Brian Mulcahey

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Back and Neck Pain

Dr. Weiss is a miracle worker! My shoulders, neck and upper back area were so sore and tense I could hardly move. After my first adjustment I felt an immediate release of tension. The difference was remarkable – my pain was at least half gone. By the second appointment I had movement regained and almost no pain. By the third adjustment I had no pain, and no tingling in my hands and toes. By the second week I had no pain in my neck, back or shoulder. My arms don’t hurt, tingle or fall asleep. He is fabulous. I can’t believe how quickly he has helped me recover. I absolutely recommend him to anyone having back/neck pain or limited motion.

– Janet Sharp, Weston

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Carpal Tunnel

When I had the symptoms of numbness, tingling, and pain in my hands, I suspected it was carpal tunnel syndrome. I ignored the symptoms for quite some time, just hoping I was wrong. I even fantasized that they might just magically go away However, I knew when the numbness interfered with a good night’s sleep, which invariably interfered with life and job performance, it had to be addressed. Having experienced many stories from friends and co-workers regarding traditional medical treatments for carpal tunnel, I did not wish to take that route!!!

Coincidentally, Dr. Weiss, who was new to Natick at the time, sent a brochure in the mail which described his extensive experience in treating carpal tunnel syndrome. I attended his free info lecture and met folks with the same symptoms and same skepticism I was experiencing. His presentation was professional, clear and based on a proven, wonderful track record. The best decision I made was to commit to Dr. Weiss’ care. After a very thorough assessment, he presented a treatment plan. I followed his guidelines. Improvement followed, almost immediately, according to his plan….starting with a good night’s sleep! I am currently pain free and fully functioning at my desk job! Dr. Weiss has surrounded himself with a very pleasant staff and a very accommodating schedule. Two side benefits were also realized. When I began treatment with Dr. Weiss, I never mentioned my painful knee joints and constant back pain because I was so focused on my carpal tunnel problems. After regular visits and adjustments, my knees are pain free and I was able to help shovel out of our recent snow storm without back pain!

– Vita Day, Natick

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Dr. Weiss is easy to discuss issues with, has an energetic approach to adjustments, and he’s helped me to eliminate my chronic headache pain after only two visits!

– Edie Wieder, Medfield

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Knee Pain

I’m in pain 24 hours a day and the Tylenol and Vioxx aren’t helping! I’m only 56 and I’m limping around with a cane. No, no, please fix it! We looked at the MRI pictures again and he showed me the tear in the cartilage on my knee. The consult pretty much went like this: yep, the cartilage is torn; nope, I can’t operate because of your age and you have rheumatoid arthritis; now go and get physical therapy until your insurance is exhausted; and have a good life, bye.
Now what? I gave up one of my jobs and devoted my days to PT and exercise to build up my knee muscles. I still limped and dragged my painful leg around with me. Until the day, 6 weeks later, that I limped into Dr. Weiss’ office. He asked me to come back with the MRI pictures. Two days later I was back and after looking at the MRI report he asked, “Do you mind if I try an adjustment?” And that was the day he became my hero! After five months of pain this incredibly talented Doctor fixed my knee with a simple adjustment in 3 seconds!
I walked out hardly believing this was possible! I was carrying the cane in my hand. This is a healing from Heaven above! Thank you Dr. Weiss, my new hero! The accident that had torn the cartilage happened on the day before my first grandchild was born. She’ll be 3 next May and if you should drive by the Murphy Playground and notice a silver-haired Granny running and kicking a soccer ball or sliding down the slide with a toddler on her lap and a grin on her face, that’s me! Thanks again
– Marilyn Frye, Natick

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Sports Medicine

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! A happy ending has come to a long year filled with injury and discomfort. The marathon was amazing and I managed to beat the goal I set for myself. I ran a 3:19:44 and somehow cut 14 minutes off my best time. The best part is that I really felt great….no pain in my calves!! Thank you so much for helping me feel healthy and reach my goal
– Mary McHugh, South Boston

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Whiplash and Motor Vehicle Accidents

During the past five years I have been suffering from tremendous pain in my back after a car accident. After numerous consultations with specialists and experts the source of the pain was never identified or treated correctly. After visiting Dr. Weiss last month, I underwent a comprehensive evaluation and then put on a treatment plan to resolve my injuries which where explained to me for the first time.
As a result of treatment I have never felt this comfortable and my daily functioning is very close to its previous normality. I am training to be a musician and performer. After Dr. Weiss performed Active Release Techniques (ART) and manipulated my ribs, my singing performances have improved tremendously. I am now singing high notes which I could not reach since before the accident. I cannot thank Dr. Weiss enough for his expertise and rejuvenating my life.
– Sasha Rome, Belmont

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From Lawyers and MD’s

I have worked with Brad Weiss, DC for the past 10 years referring many patients for chiropractic care. He has provided excellent service and has achieved outstanding results.
– James Evans, MD, Essex Jct, VT

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