Video Testimonials

In our patients own words…

Phish’s Trey Anastasio is Helped Alot by Dr. Weiss’ Chiropractic Care!

Scott of Pentatonix “Feels Amazing” from Dr. Weiss’ Chiropractic Care!

Kirstin of Pentatonix – Chiropractic Care from Dr. Weiss Makes it “Easier to Perform”

Kevin of Pentatonix says “Dr. Weiss is Incredible”

Dr. Helen Riess Can XC Ski Again, “Thanks Dr. Weiss”

Dr. Sein Siao’s Back Pain is Gone!

Gary Avoids Back Surgery & is Back on his Motorcycle!!!

John Just Finished his 11th Vermont 50, “Thanks Dr. Ball”!

Tony is “ripping up the trails”! Thanks Dr. Weiss!!!

Alli Gets Relief From Dr. Weiss

Amanda Feels So Much Better From Her Chiropractic Care

Mark Escapes from Alcatraz…”Thanks Dr. Ball”!

Trish has found Dr. Weiss’ care “transformative”

Wendy Enjoy’s a Pain Free Active Life Thanks to Dr. Weiss

Angela Says, “Dr. Weiss Has Been a Miracle For My Life”!

Michael Can Be on His Feet All Day Thanks to Dr. Weiss

Sara’s Vertigo is Under Control Thanks to Dr. Ball!

Lauren’s Chronic Back Pain from Scoliosis is Gone Thanks to Dr. Weiss

Lyn’s Tennis Elbow is Gone without Missing a Match!

Ashley Calls Dr. Weiss “the Miracle Man”

Zach is Out of Pain Thanks to Dr. Ball

Eric Enjoys Pain-Free Active Living with Help From Dr. Weiss!

Jason PR’s a 1/2 Ironman with NO Pain

Maurice’s Secret to Keeping Active!

Cindy Keeps Running Thanks to Dr. Weiss

After Shoulder Surgery, Matt is Finally Pain-Free

Mike Benefited from Dr. Ball’s Foam Rolling Workshop

Dan Stays in the Game with Chiropractic Care from Dr. Weiss

Dr. Kimball Completes Boston Marathon Thanks to Dr. Ball

David is Pain-Free After From Acute Back Pain!!!

Craig Ran a Pain-Free Boston Marathon

After Suffering for 6 Months Nikki is Pain-Free!

Dawn is Running Pain-Free for 3 Years!!!

Marcia Stays Pain-Free!

Jim Stays Healthy and Pain-Free!

Dave’s Secret for Staying Healthy and Fit!

After 13 Years, Jeff’s Neck Pain is Relieved!

Anton Gets Immediate Relief from a Headache!

Denise’s Leg Pain is Gone!

Jean is Pain-Free for Years!

Jennifer Stays Active with Dr. Weiss’ Help!

Beth is Off Crutches and Back to Work-FAST!

Jane is Thrilled PCP Referred Her to Dr. Weiss!

Pam Travels from Maryland & Get’s Pain Relief!!!

Kristen- 3 Pain-Free Marathons in 2014

Dr Ken- MD Amazed with his Pain Relief!!!

Eric Stays Active Thanks to His Chiropractors

Dr. Ball Made Michelle a Very Happy Ironman!

Nancy is Thrilled with Dr. Weiss

Jessie Get Neck & Back Relief After 5 Years of Pain!

Trevor Gets Pain Relief From His 1st Treatment!

Jerry Avoids Hip Surgery and is Running Again!

Richard is Pain-Free!

Cindy Gets Her Leg Flexibity Back!

France to Natick for Chiropractic Care!

Carolina Runs Pain-Free!

June Completes Her First Marathon!!!

Charlie is Out of Pain and Getting Active Again!

Chronic Hip Pain Relieved

Hand Pain Relief

Relief of Knee Pain after Knee Replacement

Extreme Sport Athlete Stays in Game

More Pain-Free and Active Then Ever Before

Body Builder Give Thanks

Truck Driver Gets Pain Relief

Miraculous Low Back Pain Relief

Neck Pain Resolved at Performance Health Center

Another Very Happy Patient

Full Recovery After Bike Crash

Calf Pain Gone

Best Golf Round after Chiropractic Adjustment

Violinist can play again

Years of Pain-Free Active Living

Eric Enjoys Pain-Free Active Living with Help From Dr. Weiss!

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