Whiplash and Motor Vehicle Accidents

Testimonials for Dr. Bradley Weiss

I work in a law office that handles a large amount of personal injury cases. Our office is very familiar with many different chiropractors. Recently, I was involved in a minor motor vehicle accident and have been treating with Chiropractic Healthcare. Some of the things that differentiate Dr. Weiss and his practice from other chiropractors are that Dr. Weiss provides:

1. Explanation
Detailed explanation of diagnosis, procedures and treatment.

2. Atmosphere
Very pleasant and helpful staff.

3. Time
Dr. Weiss and his staff respects your time, I spent more time treating and less time waiting.

4. Results
Treatment of my injury was amazing, after every visit I felt some improvement.

5. Information
Detailed reports, charts & notes that are actually readable and prompt delivery of all requests for bills and records which is vital in moving personal injury cases along.

I am very pleased with my experience at Chiropractic Healthcare and I will definitely recommend Dr. Weiss to our clients.

– Cynthia Ravosa, Town & Country Legal Associates, LLC., Natick

In February I suffered a whiplash injury. With chiropractic care (and some wonderful massage therapy) I was able to carry on my work as a singer and voice teacher. My movement was somewhat restricted, but not such that I needed other medical attention. Occasionally, the neck and shoulders require chiropractic maintenance…so in November I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Weiss. His attention to my situation and his expertise in the area of whiplash injury were exceptional. He certainly made me feel better, with more range of motion in my head/neck and a great sense of overall balance. Thank you Dr. Weiss. I look forward to my next maintenance!

– Judith Goff, Natick

Just a quick note to thank you for your chiropractic care these past two weeks.

As you may recall, I came to you following a rear-end car accident that I had in late January 2005. I had been receiving chiropractic care from another local chiropractor for 6 weeks. While this care was giving me some temporary relief from my headaches (they were recurring every 2-3 days) ,back pain and loss of range of motion that resulted from the accident, the relief was short-lived and I felt that I was not progressing toward long-term healing. You were highly recommended by a friend so I decided to see if you could provide care that would give long-term relief.

Once you had completed a thorough evaluation of range of motion and “hot spots”, you said you would try to give me some relief from the headaches and back pain. The result was outstanding! I’ve made more progress in the last 2 weeks than the prior 6 weeks. I am pleased to say that I have not had a headache even near that severity in 2 weeks. I feel better able to concentrate and focus. As for the back pain, I am standing taller, having less recurrent pain and fatigue, and have a greater range of motion. An area of prior injury from a sledding accident 15 years ago, has now begun to move and is less inflamed for the first time in 15 years.

I have seen many chiropractors over the last 20 years. Each has a very different style and approach. Yours is definitely the most professional and thorough I’ve experienced. While your manipulations are more “aggressive” (while still being safe) than other chiropractic manipulations I have experienced in the past, I must say, so are the results.

I’m excited about the prospect of making further progress with your treatments in the coming months. I would definitely recommend you to Thank you for your on-going care,

– Bonnie-Clare Quinn Kunath, Natick

During the past five years I have been suffering from tremendous pain in my back after a car accident. After numerous consultations with specialists and experts the source of the pain was never identified or treated correctly. After visiting Dr. Weiss last month, I underwent a comprehensive evaluation and then put on a treatment plan to resolve my injuries which where explained to me for the first time.

As a result of treatment I have never felt this comfortable and my daily functioning is very close to its previous normality. I am training to be a musician and performer. After Dr. Weiss performed Active Release Techniques (ART) and manipulated my ribs, my singing performances have improved tremendously. I am now singing high notes which I could not reach since before the accident. I cannot thank Dr. Weiss enough for his expertise and rejuvenating my life.

– Sasha Rome, Belmont

About 3 years ago I was rear-ended in a car accident and suffered whiplash. Since then I have been to physiotherapy, worn a neck brace, been on muscle relaxants, prescribed painkillers and all kinds of lotions and potions…none of which worked.

Due to my injuries, traveling for any length of time is very painful. I love to visit my children in the U.S. but positively dread having to sit for 7 hours in a plane. I always arrive in severe pain and very limited mobility.

As a surprise for me on this occasion, my daughter arranged for me to have an appointment with Dr. Weiss. I had no faith in chiropractic and had never entertained the ideas of visiting one, but I decided to humor her and go along with it anyway. Having had my first consultation I still wasn’t convinced. Imagine my amazement when on my 2nd visit I was having a lot less pain, way more mobility and could sit and watch television without having to get up off my chair and walk around. This hadn’t happened in a long time.

Now after only 3 visits I am sleeping all night and waking without any pain or stiffness. Roll on my next visit! I am now a true convert to chiropractic and intend to make it a way of life on my return to Ireland. Thank you Dr. Weiss!

– Adrienne Walsh, Ireland

I would like to begin with a “Thank you to Dr. Weiss from the bottom of my heart!” I literally cried myself to sleep at night from my backaches, migraines, PMDD, etc., etc., etc. Issues… yes I have them, a long list of them! My parents were really concerned for me & how I was starting to walk so stiff. I was uptight…they kept saying it just didn’t go with my personality. My husband Nicky, whom also happens to be Dr. Weiss’ mailman had been seeing Dr. Weiss for a bit…he kept recommending me to go & see him. I have to admit I was quite a bit weary due to not having had a good experience with another Chiropractor about 20 years prior, so, I hesitated…a lot! Unfortunately, I was rear-ended on Thursday, the 16th of June, 2005 & whether I had hesitated before or not…I had to go immediately & take Nicky up on his suggestion to meet this wonderful man he was sure I would just love! Would it sound horrible if I said…”I wish I had been in that accident a lot sooner”! When I walked in (being a terribly detailed human) I noticed everything…from the huge smiles of the staff (they rock by the way…I love each & everyone of them!)…they have worked with me to fit me in, switch around an appointment, etc., & always pleasant about it, to the wonderful clean & organized office! Every visit had wonderful scents in the air to that awesome music one could hear just at the perfect volume! Then I met “HIM”…Dr. Weiss…He is an amazing family man, whom is professional in every way, kind, gentle, polite, sharp dresser, & LOVES TABASCO…need I say more…(have you noticed his TABASCO ties?) attentive (i.e. when folks ask you, hey, how are you? to some it is just a phrase, well, with Dr. Weiss, it is different, he really really cares, listens to every single word!). I had not even had my appointment yet & I was already hooked. I went through the testing, saw the video & started my journey. HE EVEN CALLED ME THAT EVENING TO SEE HOW I WAS DOING, LEFT HIS HOME NUMBER & EVERYTHING!!!!!!! This is the old fashioned way of doing things & I LOVE IT! Well, here I am on the 19th of December, 2005…6 months & 2 days later…4 appointments a week…starting to work down to 1 a week! LET ME TELL YOU…I can move my neck, my body, very rarely do I get a migraine…1 bad one since June…I lived on pain killers…like an addict! Now I take natural vitamins from Dr. Weiss & I feel healthier. My weight has come down 13 pounds & has stayed down. I know I still have a long way to go to be perfect & I may not ever be (since no human is) but, I would not give Dr. Weiss up for anything. I ALWAYS TELL HIM & ALL WHOM ASK…”I wish I could keep Dr. Weiss in a little box in my room, take him out, daily get an adjustment & put him back” sort of like a personal genie-in-a-bottle. Once again thank you to my husband for his recommendation, thank you to the staff at Dr. Weiss’ office, & most importantly to Dr. Weiss. God Bless & Peace Out,

– Susel Sune-Nixon, Natick